Police Arrest Teen In Murder Of Female Baltimore Co. Officer, 3 More On Run


Police arrested a 16 year old in the murder of a Baltimore County officer, manhunt continued for three more suspects.

Baltimore, MD – Police announced the arrest of a 16-year-old boy on Tuesday morning in relation to the murder of a female Baltimore County police officer.

A manhunt for three additional suspects continues, the department said.

Police provided no information regarding the identity of the teen or the other suspects, but said that charges against the juvenile male would be announced following a bail hearing.

Investigators have recovered the suspect’s abandoned Jeep, but have not confirmed whether or not it was used to run over the police officer, FOX News reported.

The officer was murdered on Monday afternoon when she stumbled upon what may have been a burglary in progress while investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle, Baltimore County Police Corporal Shawn Vinson said on Monday evening, according to the Associated Press.

Police later discovered damage to a patio door at one residence in the area.

"What exactly happened, we are not sure yet until an autopsy is performed," Cpl. Vinson said.

Tony Kurek said that his adult son was outside in the yard and witnessed the officer confronting the occupants inside a Jeep with her weapon drawn.

Another neighbor, Dahle Amendt, said he was inside his home when heard the officer issuing commands to someone outside.

“I heard, ‘Get out of the car! Get out of the car! Get out of the car!' at least three times, and then a pop," Amendt said.

Kurek said that his son heard the same sound.

"The next thing he heard was a pop, and he saw the Jeep take off and run right over her," he recounted.

“She basically landed almost in front of my mailbox,” Kurek told The Baltimore Sun.

The Jeep fled the scene, leaving skid marks on the street next to the dying officer.

Kurek called 911, as his other son began performing CPR on the fallen officer, he said.

“I had a very, very bad feeling that she was going or gone,” Kurek recalled. “She was young. It just breaks your heart.”

The officer, who would have been with the department for four years in July, was bleeding profusely when she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

She was pronounced dead at 2:50 p.m., WJZ reported.

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan said the fallen officer was wearing an activated body camera when she was shot, according to FOX News.

Investigators initiated a massive manhunt in the wake of the officer’s slaying, and urged residents in the neighborhood to lock themselves inside their homes.

Homicide detectives worked with aviation, K9 units, and heat-sensing technology to continue the search overnight, The Baltimore Sun reported.

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Fuckng savage should have been purged from the earth.


Again this bs one riot one ranger nonsense is most idiotic thing ive seen in policing. 2 is 1 1 is none.
Solo patrol line of duty deaths are the highest vs 2 cop paatrol car teams.

Logic Required
Logic Required

Recent update shows that they now have four in custody. From reading the stories it sounds like the officer fired once as the vehicle drove at her and ran her over. Sounding like she may have died from a head injury from it rather than being shot? Either way RIP, another senseless cop murder.


As @Logic Required stated, the other three POS's are in custody. Great job by the BCPD!

Logic Required
Logic Required

What annoys me the most is the mainstream media are mostly not even reporting this nationally other than fox. Nowhere on CNNs US page, the story hasn’t been updated since yesterday. Places like Sky news whose quick to put any use of force story at Waffle House on their top world stories doesn’t even have this on their US stories page. Serve the agenda and not the news.


I guess we can't expect to hear anything from the black leadership about this horrific crime. After all it doesn't suit their agenda. If the officer had killed this kid instead of the other way around, the media would send reporters by the busload to stir up the natives. Of course since it only involves the death of a police officer I doubt we'll hear anything from them.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Suspending judgement on this one until we get the body cam footage. We have already gotten some pretty wrong info on this suspicious death of an officer.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I think they probably do because they can learn from this case not to do what the officer did, and, thereby, stay alive. Because Blue Lives Matter.