Philly Police Start Arresting Car-Flipping Rioters Captured On Video

The Philadelphia police have begun arresting Super Bowl rioters who vandalized the city during their celebration.

​Philadelphia, PA – Police only arrested four rioters during the riots after the Eagles’ Super Bowl win on Sunday night, but on Wednesday they began arresting fans caught rioting and creating mayhem and destruction in videos posted to social media (videos below).

John Rigsby, 20, of Malvern, was the first to be arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) in what police have vowed will be a wave of charges brought against people for alleged criminal misconduct during the revelry, The Inquirer reported.

Rigsby, who is the son of longtime Villanova University basketball broadcaster Whitey Rigsby, was arrested on Feb. 7 after being prominently featured in a video of Eagles fans flipping over a car during the Super Bowl celebration.

In the video, Rigsby appeared to be arguing with another fan who was trying to stop people from messing with the car parked on the street in the middle of the chaos.

Rigsby was filmed yelling “Boo” and giving an enthusiastic thumbs down with the crowd.

The man protecting the car appeared to give up, and shrugging, stepped away from the car.

“Yay” Rigsby yelled, as he and other fans rushed to lift up the car.

In the video, Rigsby, who was sporting a white Nick Foles Eagles jersey, can be seen taking a center position to lift, and flip, the car on its side.

Another video showed that once the car was flipped over, Rigsby began beating on his chest in celebration, and screamed “Let’s go!”

Rigsby has been charged with riot with intent to commit a felony, conspiracy, and criminal mischief, according to court records.

Court records showed Rigsby posted bail, and was being represented by the Defender Association of Philadelphia, The Inquirer reported.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said Monday that investigators were reviewing surveillance videos, and videos posted to social media during the post-game celebration, in an effort to identify and arrest rioters who broke the law.

“These people are not off the hook,” Commissioner Ross told The Inquirer. “When we find out who they are, we’re going to arrest them.”

Watch Rigsby help flip a car in the video below:

Watch Rigsby celebrate having flipped the car in the video below:

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Thug. The car owner is about to crack you and your father open like a piggy bank.


Wonder if he would have felt differently if it was his car? I hope he serves time and has a felony on his record.


Huh? I agree this is thuggish behavior but I doubt the father will be held accountable for his son's behavior.


@LEO0301 I doubt this guy has his own money, and his dad is a public figure.


So what, unless this kid is a juvenile his father doesn't have anything to do with this event.