Philly Officer Under Investigation For Calling Mayor 'Ugly Miser Looking [Censored],' Trolls Others


Officer Christine Gillespie-Amato is under investigation for foul-mouthed comments on social media about the removal of a statue.

Philadelphia, PA - A Philadelphia police officer is under investigation for more than 40 inflammatory social media posts she made regarding the removal of the statue of former mayor Frank Rizzo.

Officer Kristine Gillespie-Amato posted the comments in question on the Vintage Philadelphia Facebook page, according to

Her remarks were directed at critics of the statue of Frank Rizzo.

The City of Philadelphia decided Nov. 3 to have the statue relocated, according to USA Today. It's destination has not yet been determined.

Rizzo is a former police commissioner and mayor of the city.

Officer Gillespie-Amato's comments occurred on Friday afternoon, after the city’s announcement, and she made more than 40 posts

In her comments, she told critics of Rizzo "to get over it", and referred to current Mayor Kenney as “ugly miser looking p***y mayor.”

In one post, Officer Gillespie-Amato called another poster on the page, “a ghetto ass with an education…. Not.”

"Play with me with my job and see what happens,” she wrote to Flythe.

“And when you find out where I work you could come visit me,” Officer Gillespie-Amato posted.

Officer Gillespie-Amato is shown in full uniform in the profile picture displayed with her comments.

She has served with the Philadelphia Police Department since 1990, and is assigned to the 9th District.

Flythe filed a complaint about the posts.

"At first I didn’t know she was an officer until I clicked on her page, and I’m just like, ‘Is this how people who swore to protect and serve the people talk? Black this and black that. It’s crazy. I was appalled,” Flythe said.

Julie Odell was another poster with an aggressive response to Officer Gillespie-Amato's comments.

“This is a cop who can’t control herself on social media. And we’re suppose to trust her with a gun and a badge?” Odell wrote.

Officer Gillespie-Amato responded to allegations that her comments were racist.

“First of all I’m far from racist... my youngest grandsons are half black. But, I’m not gonna let a snot nosed Lil racist brat talk s**t… and yes I called her an a** first!!!!” Officer Gillespie-Amato wrote.

The Philadelphia Police Department has a social media policy that state officers are held to "a higher standard on social media than the general public."

"As members of the Philadelphia Police Department, employees are embodiments of its mission. It is, thus, essential that each member accept his or her role as an ambassador of the department. In doing so, each member must strive to maintain public trust and confidence, not only in his or her professional capacity, but also in his or her personal and on-line activities," the policy said.

A spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Police declined to comment Monday, but said they’re investigating the complaint, according to OIA News.

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