Online Lynch Mob Doxxes Wrong High School Kid After Fake Harassment Story

Before Nick Sandmann revealed he was the teen in the viral video, a Twitter mob had already doxxed Michael Hodges.

Cincinnati, OH – An outraged older brother of a teenage boy misidentified as the one who faced off with elderly Native American at the Lincoln Memorial in a viral video is outraged by the way his little brother was doxxed.

On Saturday, a group of teenage boys from Covington Catholic High School were filmed doing school spirit chants as they waited for their bus to pick up their group.

A video was posted of an elderly man beating on a drum in the midst of the group of boys, and the poster alleged that the boys had surrounded the man in a threatening manner.

Social media went wild condemning the boys, many of whom were sporting Make America Great Again baseball caps.

Eventually, Nick Sandmann outed himself as the teen in front of the group, smiling at the old man as he beat his drum and chanted.

"I never interacted with this protestor. I did not speak to him. I did not make any hand gestures or other aggressive moves. To be honest, I was startled and confused as to why he had approached me. We had already been yelled at by another group of protestors, and when the second group approached I was worried that a situation was getting out of control where adults were attempting to provoke teenagers,” Sandmann said, according to NBC News.

And more videos were released that showed the high school boys were being heckled by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites when the Native American man drummed his way into the middle of their group.

Black Hebrew Israelites are an SPLC designated black supremacist hate group who believe that they are the lost tribe of Israel and that other Jews are imposters.

Despite a hate group being present harassing children, the native man confronted the group of teens.

Online social justice warriors quickly misidentified the teenage boy up front as Michael Hodges, a high school junior from Cincinnati who wasn’t even in Washington, DC on the day the incident occurred.

It was not known whether the misidentified teen even attended Covington Catholic High school.

A vague resemblance to the image of the boy in the video was enough for the Twitter mob to go after Michael Hodges full throttle, according to the Washington Examiner.

First, they doxxed Michael and his parents and relatives, and went after the family business.

Then they contacted Cincinnati University, where Michael intends to pursue a culinary arts degree, and demanded the college rescind the student’s acceptance.

His older brother, Andrew Hodges, took to Twitter to express outrage and share what had happened in great detail on Sunday night.

“1) Yesterday was supposed to be a day of celebration for my middle brother Alex, who got married last night. Instead my family had to deal with the fallout of my youngest brother #MichaelHodge being falsely accused for standing & smiling in front of an indigenous man with a drum,” Andrew tweeted.

“2) People then proceeded to spam my family with harassments and threats of physical violence. We then find out our parents address was posted online. If that wasn't enough, our family operated business has been slandered and attacked,” he continued.

“3) No one reviews evidence or does any due diligence, they immediately escalate things to a state of frenzy over much of nothing. The zealots scream for the head of #MichaelHodge knowing that their will be zero consequences to them if anything happens to him,” Andrew angrily tweeted.

“4) My parents, uncles, & aunts, receive messages stating they are pieces of shit parents and won't be able to protect #MichaelHodge forever... seriously what kind of behavior is this?” he asked.

Then Andrew continued his rant to defend his little brother’s besmirched character.

“5) #MichaelHodge is the best kid I know. He volunteers for Special Olympics (took them skiing this Thursday) is involved in the church youth group, doesn't drink/smoke (volunteer member of the Drugs Free Club of America) and is an aspiring chef,” the proud older brother wrote.

“6) People then started circulating articles of him regarding his dreams and goals of being a chef, finds the college he plans on attending and proceed to blow them up encouraging them to rescind offer and calling him a racist POS...” Andrew tweeted, outraged.

“7) You reach out saying how ‘terrible’ of a family we are, defame us, threaten us, and you know nothing about us. Yet you circulate the information and spam us like it is the only ‘truth’ that has ever existed in your lives,” he continued.

“8) You condemned my parents for being horrible role models, yet you jumped to conclusions and were ready to string up an innocent dude? Is that what you are teaching your children/family? I sure hope not....,” Andrew tweeted.

He wrapped up his rant by expressing his disappointment in the people who had attacked his brother.

“9)It saddens me people have nothing better to do on Saturday then scour the internet for drama & then dig up info on a family & rile up an army to attack them.Hold yourselves to a higher standard, set a better example for your sphere of influence, we will all be better off for it,” he finished.

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this is just messed up they need to leave this innocent kid alone

Blue Ocean1
Blue Ocean1

I'm betting NO ONE will do anything to these A--holes who constantly get away with trashing innocent people. The carriers of this crap will just say "It didn't violate our standards of conduct" or send them a play nice warning. I would HOPE that some legal group reaches out to this family and takes on these A--wipes...


Sadly, part of the reason these boys may have been considered "OK" for a targeted harassment, is because of their appearance. They look white and prosperous, and the MAGA hats made them even more attractive as targets by those on the left who hate the current President more than they respect decency. I don't know when my country lost its collective mind. I'm sick of the insanity, and we're about to enter another election cycle where it will grow even WORSE.


The family needs to sue the media and especially Kathy Griffin because she public called for these young men and their families to be doxxed. She is beyond disgusting and didn't even care for one moment that her comments could get someone seriously injured of killed. She is a washed up "comedian" who isn't funny and she needs to be held accountable for her actions.


I've watched the video and paid attention to the faces of his friends and schoolmates. Fool yourselves all you want if it makes you sleep better at night.


I am extremely disappointed in some people I previously thought would never do something like this. I have told them so. This is cyber bullying, and in this case, of a completely innocent teenager, without any facts. As adults, we are supposed to be role models for youth. We are supposed to rise above, turn the other cheek, believe in innocent until proven guilty, and that punishment should never be greater than the crime. We should be encouraging our youth in these matters, not bashing them, their family, their family business and attempting to destroy their future. I hope that all who know people who did these vile things stand up against them, as we stand up against any other evil. It is not a trivial matter. It must stop. End it.


Sad, but it will keep happening unless some punishment is established to people who do this