One Dead, Two Injured In Stabbing Spree In Texas

Sandy Malone

A 27-year-old man went on a stabbing spree that left one man dead and two more people injured on Friday morning.

Austin, TX – A 27-year-old man went on a stabbing spree in South Austin on Friday morning that left one man dead and two other people injured.

The incident began at about 7:49 a.m. on Jan. 3 when police received a report about a disturbance inside the Bennu coffee shop in the 800-block of South Congress Avenue, KVUE reported.

The person who called 911 told dispatchers there was a conflict between the suspect and another customer.

Police said the disturbance escalated before officers arrived and the elderly customer was injured, KVUE reported.

Other customers at the coffee shop initially stopped the suspect from leaving, but when officers began arriving on the scene, the suspect was able to break their hold and flee.

Officers chased the suspect up the street to Freebirds World Burrito in the 500-block of South Congress Avenue and briefly lost sight of him, KEYE reported.

As Austin police searched for the suspect, 911 began receiving calls about stabbings inside Freebirds, KVUE reported.

Police found two stabbing victims inside Freebirds but the suspect had already fled the restaurant and climbed up onto the roof.

The suspect then jumped off the roof and was seriously injured when he hit the pavement, KVUE reported.

Austin-Travis County EMS transported the suspect and another one of his victims to the hospital for treatment.

The suspect was in “serious” condition and that victim had life-threatening injuries, KVUE reported.

A 20-year-old man who was stabbed at Firebirds died from his wounds, KEYE reported.

The man who died has not been identified as an employee of the burrito restaurant yet, but the company released a statement that implied he was at least very well known by Freebirds’ employees.

“Freebirds World Burrito is cooperating with authorities who are investigating the incident that took place at our South Congress location,” Chief Executive Officer Alex Eagle said. “Our thoughts are with our Tribe members and their families who have been affected by this tragedy. The location will remain closed until further notice and we ask for respect of our Tribe members’ privacy during this difficult time.”

Police have not released any information regarding the elderly victim at the coffee shop, KVUE reported.

Austin Police Sergeant David Daniels told reporters that police have no motive for the stabbings.

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Slim Pickins
Slim Pickins

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Why no names? Hmmmmm. It must be the usual knife stabbing individuals.


Was just in Austin, hard to believe it's Texas anymore, filth, transients, rude obnoxious people. Democrats turn everything to crap.