Oh look, another ghetto lottery winner... This is what happens when the DA fails to do their job and enforce the laws and the mayor is happy to write checks (that don't come out of his pocket) to people in hopes that they end up voting for him in the next election, instead of backing the men and women in law enforcement.

newflash: while the NYPD did fail to diffuse the situation, it was this person who escalated the entire situation.

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Well with that windfall, her benefits should be CUT, she has enough for the rest of her life.

Cop Watch
Cop Watch

WTF! ghetto lottery winner...what is wrong with you? this is a police misconduct lawsuit! instead of trying to deescalate, the thugs of nypd just jumped at the chance to violate someones rights! there is no community policing anymore. just thugs trained to act in a violent way then claim it was policy.