Officers Suspended After Tackling Teen Who Led Them On Pursuit

The New Jersey Institute of Technology has placed two university police officers on administrative leave.

Newark, NJ – Two New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) police officers have been placed on administrative leave following the arrest of a 15-year-old boy who tried to flee from them on a bicycle (video below).

The off-campus incident occurred near the intersection of Bleecher Street and University Avenue on the afternoon of Aug. 26, WABC reported.

The officers were pursuing a 15-year-old boy as he tried to flee on his bike, but the circumstances preceding the chase are unclear.

A witness claimed that the NJIT officers attempted to “tap” the teen’s bike with their patrol vehicle, but that he managed to accelerate faster than the car and rode up onto a sidewalk, WABC reported.

The officers ultimately tackled the teen on a grassy hillside and pinned him to the ground, cell phone footage showed.

“We were attempting to make a bike stop,” one of the officers said over the radio as he held the suspect down. “Party took off on us. We have him in custody.”

The teen squirmed and said something unintelligible, and one officer ordered him to shut his mouth, the video showed.

The cell phone footage was later shared on social media.

“Justice needs to come for this young 15 yr old boy who was clearly frightened and harassed by NJIT police,” one Twitter user wrote. “This is ridiculous and IT NEEDS TO STOP.”

Rutgers University-Newark student Jeremiah Richardson, who was moving into the dorms across the street, complained that the officers’ actions made everyone on campus “feel unsafe,” WABC reported.

“We shouldn’t have to feel like that,” he added.

The NJIT later released a statement calling the arrest “troubling.”

“NJIT has launched an investigation that will include the involvement of an independent law enforcement agency,” the statement continued. “While that investigation proceeds expeditiously, we are conducting a review of pursuit procedures and training and have placed both involved officers on administrative leave.”

The NJIT stressed that it’s partnership with the city and the community is “critically important.”

“We will investigate this matter thoroughly and take all appropriate actions as soon as the investigation is complete,” the statement concluded.

You can watch cell phone footage showing a portion of the teen’s arrest in the video below:

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Soul patrol trolls?


unless something happened off camera or there is a policy saying they can not go off campus or pursue certain crimes I question why are they being investigated.

I can not find a reason in this video what made the young man afraid of the cops or how he was harrassed.


What's the issue? that the officers (who are sworn officers like any other LEO, and have statewide jurisdiction, including off campus, like any other officer in NJ) tackled a fleeing suspect? that the fleeing suspect was only 15? that the 15 year old committed a crime, and when the officers stopped him? because the two grown officers told the kid to shut his mouth as they put him in handcuffs? or because it was two white officers cuffing a black individual in Newark?

This could have been easily handled had NJIT explaining what the reasoning was behind the officers tapping the kid's bike with their car. Assuming that was proper protocol (And that should be the sole thing that is investigated by NJIT PD, because everything else look appropriate), the officers were correct to chase and detain a potential criminal who was refusing to stop.

With the increased use of videos in social media, every time a person resists arrest and PD needs to use force the community is up in arms over it. Every single time. However, the community's anger or concern about the future because the individual resisted arrest doesn't mean the officers were wrong to use force to detail said individual, regardless of their age, race or ethnicity.


Police Haters in 3....2....1....


OK #1, DON'T RUN FROM THE POLICE,,and #2 STOP encouraging this type of's what started this Crap in the First Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!