Officer Rescues Kitten From Snowdrift During Blood Moon, Gives It Forever Home

Platteville Police Officer Froiseth found the jet-black feline buried in a three-foot snowdrift.

Platteville, WI – A freezing black kitten found his forever home on Sunday night, after it was rescued by a warm-hearted Platteville police officer.

Officer Froiseth was watching the blood moon when he heard the kitten crying near Business Highway 151, the department said in a Facebook post.

He followed the sound, and found that the kitten stuck in the ditch beneath a three-foot snowdrift.

Officer Froiseth dug the kitten out of the snow and rocks, and brought it back to his patrol car to warm up.

“Who says full moons and black cats are bad luck?” the police department’s post read. “The little guy curled up just like in the pictures, and hasn't left his side.”

Photos on the agency’s page showed the kitten gazing adoringly at Officer Froiseth, as it snuggled on his shoulder.

He even swaddled the baby feline in a stocking cap.

Although the original plan was for the kitten to be adopted “as soon as he gets done with his nap with his new best friend,” Officer Froiseth couldn’t pull himself away.

“After some serious thought, Officer Froiseth couldn't say 'no' and has added to his family!” the department wrote in an update on Monday morning. “This little cutie has found its furrrever home. As we all hoped, it WAS love at first sight.”

The department’s post had been shared over 1,100 times as of Monday afternoon.

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Even little felines know LEOs are heroes! Officer Froiseth, you prove that you guys care about all innocent lives, human or animal.


Great story.


ohhhhh THAT FACE!!!! SO CUTE!


What’s the name? Thank you for being it’s hero as well as ours!

JBo something in my eye again...