Officer O'Sullivan Memorial Vandalized Again, This Time With Messages Of Hate

The rocks in El Dorado Hills painted for fallen Sacramento Police Officer Tara O'Sullivan have been vandalized again.

El Dorado Hills, CA – The tribute rocks painted to honor fallen Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan were repainted shortly after they were painted over, but the evil-doers came back and painted “Blue Lives Don’t Exist” on the memorial to the young fallen officer just a couple of days later.

Officer O’Sullivan was murdered in an ambush attack while assisting with a domestic disturbance situation on June 19.

The 26-year-old officer and her field training officer (FTO) responded to the 200-block of Redwood Avenue after meeting up with a woman who was involved in the domestic violence incident earlier in the day, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The initial disturbance had already been reported to police, and Officer O’Sullivan and her FTO took the woman to the home to help her gather up her belongings and to potentially mediate the situation between her and a male at that location, KOVR reported.

At approximately 6:10 p.m., a gunman opened fire with what investigators now believe was a rifle, Sacramento Police Department Deputy Chief Dave Peletta said during a press conference early Thursday morning.

Officer O’Sullivan was hit by one of the rounds, and collapsed in a yard.

Her fellow officers tried to reach her, but the gunman continued to fire to keep them away, KOVR reported.

An armored vehicle arrived at the scene at approximately 6:54 p.m., and the officers inside retrieved Officer O’Sullivan and rushed the wounded officer to University of California - Davis Medical Center just five minutes later.

The gunman continued firing from his barricaded position inside the home, and ultimately surrendered after a nearly eight-hour standoff, FOX News reported.

Officer O’Sullivan succumbed to her gunshot wounds later that night, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The two boulders near the archery club on El Dorado Boulevard are traditionally painted to celebrate different benchmarks and milestones in the community, the Sacramento Bee reported.

On June 22, members of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department escorted Officer O’Sullivan’s family down to the rocks for a painting party in memory of the fallen officer, KOVR reported.

Officer O’Sullivan’s loved ones painted one rock blue with a silver badge and the words “Sacramento 349 Police” to represent the fallen officer’s badge number.

When they were finished, the group of family and friends gathered for a picture and then Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn shared it on social media.

They left a message at the rocks that said “Please allow this tribute to remain until funeral services for the fallen officer have been completed. Thank you for your support and understanding,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

But when friends went by to see the tribune two days later, they were disappointed to find that the rocks had already been painted over with a gay PRIDE rainbow flag.

Friends quickly grabbed paint and restored both rocks to blue by the next day, making the point that the move wasn’t anti-gay – Officer O’Sullivan had been a supporter of LGBTQ rights – it was to make a point about respecting the memorial for a fallen hero, according to the Sacramento Bee.

When the rocks were repainted, the rock that had sported SpongeBob SquarePants in its first ideation instead featured the words “Rock is back to blue for you Tara!”

Officer O’Sullivan was laid to rest with full police honors on Thursday, but by Friday morning, vandals had once again destroyed the tribute to her on the boulders.

This time, however, the rocks were repainted with the words “Blue Lives Don’t Exist” and “1312” with an antifa symbol. The number “1312” is code for “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Flags and flowers that had been left as a memorial to Officer O’Sullivan had also been stolen, KCRA reported.

The rocks were quickly repainted white to cover up the hateful messages, but the incidents have left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

"It's sad," longtime El Dorado Hills resident Jim Martinez told KCRA. "Why would someone do that for a memorial for someone that served the community?"

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You're always going to have those men and women who run to the sound of gunfire to help others, and you're always going to have zeros who try to disrespect those who serve and protect. The zeros celebrate those who aren't able to do anything of value in their life and feel proud of destroying...rather than building. Sad.


Black Lives do matter. Black thugs lives, not so much. He a real man, not a criminal thug!


There have been disgraceful people involved in this officers shooting, while she lay on the ground dying and before her services. There were Scumbags in the neighborhood where she was shot cheering they fact an officer had been shot as soon as it happened. They also jeered the officers trying to clear the neighborhood & put up barricade tape since the killer was still shooting rounds from the home. Good people up in El Dorado Hills painted a couple of boulders to honor Officer O'Sullivan and people were asked not to paint over the boulders until her services were & she was laid to rest. The next night someone painted a rainbow flag over one rock & it went downhill from there. Was happy to serve all the citizens of California while I wore the uniform. Am even happier to choose whom I help now that I am retired from the job.

Keagan Thomas
Keagan Thomas

Is it legal to mass murder Antifa now?


I'll bet you Boogers is responsible.