Officer Fired Over Video Showing Him Hitting Suspect Who Resisted Arrest

Officer Michael Amiott has been fired after the mayor determined that he violated policies.

Euclid, Ohio - Mayor Kristen Holzheimer Gail announced on Friday that Officer Michael Amiott has been fired for "conduct unbecoming and courtesy" after he was recorded hitting a suspect who was resisting arrest.

A description with the video from the August 12 incident said that the suspect was an "innocent black man" who was "racially profiled on a traffic stop."

Community outrage was spurred on by the false information, and resulted in the suspension and ultimate termination of the officer.

The incident happened August 12 at around 10:30 AM on East 228th when Richard Hubbard III, 25, was stopped by Euclid police officer Michael Amiott for a traffic violation, according to

Hubbard's drivers license was suspended and officers ordered him out of his vehicle so that he could be placed under arrest.

After stepping out of the car, Hubbard began to resist arrest. He could be seen on the dash camera video pulling his arm away form the officer.

Hubbard was taken to the ground, which is standard for actively resisting suspects. While on the ground, he continued to fight with officers.

In the video, Hubbard's girlfriend can be heard asking him to stop fighting the police.

The video showed Hubbard with his hand on Officer Amiott's waist near his gun, and the officer responded by throwing some hits to Hubbard's face. While still fighting, Hubard argued that he didn't have a gun and wasn't reaching toward his waistband.

Backup officers arrived and Hubbard was taken into custody.

Officer Amiott was almost immediately suspended after a protest formed over the video.

"It is the mission of the Euclid Police Department to provide professional and transparent service to the residents, business owners, and visitors to the City of Euclid," Lt. Mitch Houser said at the time. "This entire incident will be reviewed, in detail, so that the public can have a full and open understanding of the series of events that eventually led to this violent encounter."

Officer Amiott was treated for injuries at the hospital before being suspended.

Richard Hubbard was evaluated for minor injuries before being booked into jail. He has since bailed out.

Hubbard's attorney is requesting that charges against Hubbard be dropped

Mayor Gail said last month that she had planned to review Officer Amiott's past conduct before determining if he should be fired. He had been accused of excessive force two other times, but no formal complains were filed and only materialized after the video went viral.

"During his current disciplinary suspension from the Euclid Police Department for various rule violations, my office received further complaints regarding Amiott's professional conduct," Gail said in a statement, according to .

"After a review, I found Amiott to have violated additional departmental rules, including conduct unbecoming and courtesy, calling into serious question his suitability as a Euclid police officer."

It is extremely abnormal for a Mayor to make a determination on a violation of police department policy.

The mayor said that the Euclid Police Department would not be commenting on the issue.

No information has been released which suggests that Officer Amiott's use of force was unlawful or against policy, although it is still under investigation.

You can see the videos of the incident below. (Multiple videos, scroll down for more.)

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Politicians are going to keep making the job of law enforcement officer so unattractive that no one will be applying for positions. Departments will have to lower their standards and insurance companies will raise their rates. Lawyers will get richer and politicians will keep getting elected. It's been said that a city gets the type of policing it deserves. Hang on it comes.


This BS. The FOP his union and he should sue the mayor, the town, and the perp for this nonsense. Tgis guy was driving with suspended license collared for such. And violently resisted apprehension and arrest.


Cont. what is the cop suspise to do sing komb bi ya and hand out cookies? You fight the police with force you are going get a great amount of force to apprehend and subdue the perp. Wake America Obama bs cight the police will get you hurt or killed. F.u. black lives matter. What have yiu done with the genocide that blacks and hispanics are doing to each other in Chicago? Absolutely nothing.


What is this female thinking, or is she thinking at all? Arrest the officer for taking someone into custody with force? Lady, you need your head examined.


He wouldnt stop fighting !! We will see a day when criminals and thugs will run rampant. The mayor needs to be replaced. What would she have done ? The girlfriend is so obnoxious also, she should have been booked for interfering with an arrest.