Officer Fired For Stopping Drunk Driver Outside Jurisdiction

Former Indianapolis University Health Police Officer Damon Love was fired after he stopped a suspected DUI downtown.

Indianapolis, IN – A former Indiana University (IU) Health police officer is calling for policy changes after he was fired for stopping a drunk driver off hospital property.

Former IU Health Police Officer Damon Love said that thinking with his conscience cost him his job, WXIN reported.

Officer Love was on duty in the early morning hours of June 22 when he spotted a suspected drunk driver downtown.

"I called the IU Health Police Department dispatch to let them know I had a possible 1055 driver," he said.

The officer said the car was driving erratically so he initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at 16th and Illinois Street, according to WXIN.

"I did notice this driver was swerving into oncoming traffic as we followed him and stopping in the street and then taking off," he said.

But Officer Love pulled the suspected DUI over in an area off hospital property, which is a violation IU Health Police Department policy, WXIN reported.

“IU Health Officers may stop a vehicle on their property if they spot a crime being committed; otherwise the dispatcher should contact IMPD and keep the visual on the vehicle,” according to the officer and dispatch manual.

"That rule is silly because as you can see, it puts the police officer in a predicament that's sworn to serve and protect. It didn’t say to only serve and protect on IU’s property," the former police officer told WXIN.

Officer Love’s termination paperwork said he was fired for “knowingly stopping a vehicle on a city streetway not on IU Health’s property.”

It said that he violated hospital rules and regulations and disobeyed a sergeant, WXIN reported.

The termination paperwork also said that because Officer Love had violated policy, the suspected drunk driver could not be arrested after the stop.

However, policy violations don't affect probable cause for local officers to make an arrest.

Regardless, officers called a safe ride home for the suspected drunk driver.

The recently-fired officer said that policy was stupid and needed to be changed, WXIN reported.

"Officers are going to be out grabbing food, or they are going to be at the CVS getting something to drink, and something is going to happen,” he said. “They’re going to freeze because they are going to think for a moment, 'Do I save my job, or do I save a life?'”

Former Officer Love said he planned to file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, WXIN reported.

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If that’s all there is to the firing, don’t worry Officer Love, there are literally hundreds of agencies that will pick you up.

Hospital PD’s tend to focus on touchy feely play nice with the “patients” cultures rather than the take care of business approach Officer Love did here.


While some might disagree with the termination, if the policy says you shall only enforce the laws on hospital property, and he knowingly violated the rule, than he deserves the consequences of his actions. He broke the rules and regulations of his employer, as well as disobeyed his supervisor; it's pretty cut and dry.

Officer Love, go apply to a department that doesn't have these stupid rules. When someone asks why you were terminated from IUHPD, tell them it was because you pulled over a drunk driver before said drunk ran over a crowd of kids, off hospital property while on duty in a marked patrol vehicle.


This is sad and stupid. Go out and find a job that deserves a good police officer that cares!


This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Wow this is so sad

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

was this the first time he did this?