Officer Camilleri's Killer IDed As Mohammed Ali, Charged W/ Murder

Officer Andrew Camilleri was killed just minutes before Christmas but his killer wasn't identified until now.

Hayward, CA - The man responsible for killing California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Camilleri just minutes before Christmas has been identified as 22-year-old Mohammed Ali.

Ali was charged on Tuesday with 2nd degree murder for driving while high on marijuana and under the influence of alcohol when he stuck Officer Camilleri's vehicle at over 100 MPH.

The probable cause statement said that Ali admitted to driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, and his blood alcohol level was 0.11%. His blood tested positive for marijuana.

The charge of second degree murder, instead of vehicular manslaughter, suggested that Ali had a past history of driving under the influence.

In addition to the murder charge, Ali has been charged with multiple felony DUI charges.

Authorities had not initially identified Ali because he was still hospitalized. Ali remains in the hospital and will be booked once he's discharged.

The collision was reported just before 12 a.m. on Christmas Eve, and occurred on Interstate 880 in Hayward, KNTV reported.

CHP Assistant Chief Ernest Sanchez said that the suspect drifted onto the shoulder while traveling at over 100 MPH, and slammed into the back of the parked patrol vehicle that Officer Andrew Camilleri and Officer Jonathan Velasquez were in.

“The impact was so severe that it turned a utility vehicle into a very small compact vehicle, so it kind of gives you an idea of the speeds that were involved,” Assistant Chief Sanchez said.

Officer Camilleri was killed, and Officer Velasquez was injured in the crash.

Both officers were wearing seatbelts, which “definitely saved Officer Velazquez’s life,” Assistant Chief Sanchez noted.

"This is not the way we wanted to celebrate Christmas Day,” Assistant Chief Sanchez said at the time. “It’s definitely not the way we wanted the community to think of the 2017 Christmas holiday, but today’s not a holiday for the Highway Patrol. Today is the tragic loss of one of our own.”

Officer Camilleri had been with the CHP for one year and four months.

He left behind his parents, siblings, wife, and three children – two sons aged two and six, and a 12-year-old daughter, police said.

Donations to Officer Camilleri's family can be made at CAHP Credit Union's website.

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I want to know his immigration status. They withheld his name for over a week


Unfortunate thing about marijuana legalization is that blood tests will be more common. That sucks pretty badly. I may go to self-driving vehicles as we move forward - hate getting stuck with needles.


I’m glad they’re nailing him with the murder 2 charge. See ya never, Ali! Enjoy the pen. May you never endanger another human with your poor decisions ever again.


Doesn't matter. Everyone that commented on him was tricked.


Look at his tag. Tells me a lot about him, so the racebaiting is not a surprise.