Officer Attacked By Suspect High On PCP; While Others Recorded, One Man Helped

Steve Mabry was the only citizen who stopped to help the officer struggling with a suspect on the ground.

Dallas, TX – A passing motorist heroically rushed to the aid of a Dallas police officer who was being attacked by a PCP-fueled suspect on Friday afternoon.

Although there were other witnesses at the scene, they stood idly by and recorded the incident with their cell phones instead of trying to help the officer, KTVT reported.

The altercation began after someone called Dallas police to report that a man had barged into a restaurant with a gun and was “acting crazy,” according to the news outlet.

Details regarding the events that led up to the physical altercation between the officer and 30-year-old Tetus Powell were unclear, but the officer was actively fighting with Powell on the ground near the intersection of Henderson Avenue and Ross Avenue when a Good Samaritan drove by.

Steve Mabry said he realized that the suspect was trying to take the officer’s Taser.

“I didn’t even think,” Mabry told the news outlet. “I pulled up here real quick and jumped out of my truck, asked him what he needed me to do and he told me to grab his arms… so I grabbed his arms and pulled them straight.”

He and the officer were able to pin the combative suspect to the ground, but that didn’t stop Powell from trying to get away.

“He was totally out of control, very erratic and saying things that didn’t make sense,” Mabry recalled.

The officer and Mabry were able to keep him restrained long enough for additional officers to arrive at the scene.

“It was kind of an out-of-body experience,” Mabry said. “It seemed like it lasted forever.”

Mabry said he “didn’t even know what adrenalin was” until he jumped in to help the struggling officer.

Although the officer suffered minor injuries during the altercation, Mabry’s willingness to help him may have helped to prevent him from being seriously hurt.

“He was very appreciative,” Mabry said. “I know he would do the same for me because he does every day. I mean, you got to back the police department.”

Powell was arrested on charges of evading arrest, attempting to disarm a police officer, and assault on a peace officer.

He has an extensive criminal history, including over 20 arrests just in Dallas County alone.

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If you took a poll of the bystanders, Democrat or Republican, what do you think the outcome would be????


So assholes stood around and watched and it took a good man to do something everyone else wouldn't do. I am 80 and if I saw a crazed idiot trying to hurt my police officer I would have helped. People are getting to be so hateful and gutless. Police have the worst job because of so many crazys and people that have no respect for anyone


I believe in Karma......good or bad. Mr Mabry, may you be blessed. You saved this officer from serious harm, no doubt about it. The people taking video's should be ashamed of them selves...again...karma.. ;)


"He has an extensive criminal history, including over 20 arrests just in Dallas County alone."

Sure hope Trump thinks through his prison reform. Ann Coulter made an excellent point on this issue, that almost every inmate is serving for a crime that was plead down to less serious charges. Saves court time but does not at all reflect the real story, the actual crime NOT being prosecuted.


I would help... my sons a cop so I perseve them differently...Every one should help... all the sheep standing around videoing it should be ashamed..