Off-Duty Cop Sees Altercation, Identifies Himself As Officer, Gets Shot In Head

Officer David Aguilera was shot in the head by a bar patron early Saturday morning.

Highland, IN – Two off-duty police officers were shot outside of a Highland bar early Saturday morning, after they got into an altercation with two men who attempted to re-enter the establishment at closing time.

The incident occurred just after 2 a.m., when two men who left Growlers Bar earlier in the night showed back up, The Times of Northwest Indiana reported.

Off-duty Gary Police Officer Dwayne Brown, who was working as a bouncer for the bar, told the men that the bar was closing, and that they could no longer come inside.

The men began arguing with Officer Brown, at which point off-duty East Chicago Police Officer David Aguilera, who was at the bar as a patron, stepped up and intervened.

When Officer Aguilera identified himself as a police officer, one of the men shot him in the head.

Officer Brown was shot in the forearm.

Police received a report of the disturbance at 2:39 a.m., and arrived to find Officer Aguilera bleeding from the brain, The Times of Northwest Indiana reported.

He was rushed to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, but his condition was not available as of Saturday morning.

Officer Brown was transported to another local hospital, where he was treated and released.

Investigators found the two assailants walking approximately a block away from the bar just minutes after they arrived in the area.

The men were taken into custody, and were being questioned at the Highland Police Department.

According to The Times of Northwest Indiana, a source said charges are pending against a man named O’Neill Cruze-Burgos.

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"By far the most dangerous gap in federal firearms laws today is the background check loophole. Although federal law requires licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks on prospective purchasers, it does not require unlicensed sellers to do so."

"Indiana is not a point of contact state for the NICS. Indiana law explicitly requires dealers to conduct a background check prior to transferring a handgun, by contacting the FBI directly.1 Although Indiana has no law explicitly requiring firearms dealers to initiate a background check prior to transferring a long gun, the federal law requires dealers to initiate a background check prior to the transfer of any kind of gun by contacting the FBI directly.2"

I think you're trying to nitpick his comment to frustrate him. You know what he meant, and personally speaking, I think the act is getting old. You'd get a lot further if you'd just try to find things you like about the people you're commenting, instead of trying to pick a fight with everyone.


Nope, I'm giving him the chance to prove i was 100% wrong, like he said i was.


"Nope, I'm giving him the chance to prove i was 100% wrong, like he said i was."
Well, he's not wrong.

"Ummm..... I am an Indiana Resident and you have to not only do a Federal Background check but also show ID. Even in Private Sales it is Indiana Law that the Buyer Must show Indiana ID.... Idk where you got your information from but it is 100% Wrong."

His first comment he indicates that background checks occur through federal law. But that it is Indiana state Law for a buyer to show Indiana ID. I'd assume its to ensure that the buyer of the firearm is over the age of 18.

He also gave you a pretty concise description of how the federal gun laws work in terms of private exchange of firearms. There's a wealth of information there that validates his claim. Along with the information I've provided above from the Giffords law center, it feels like he already did prove you, at least, 75% mistaken.


Hows life at the troll farm?


You could spin it how you like, but the Indiana code directly refutes what both you and he posted. Even in your own post you backed up my statement. It just took you much longer to get to your wrong point, because you talk a whole lot.