NYU Professor Involved With Anti-Police Protests That Caused $100K In Damage

Sandy Malone

NYU Professor Amin Husain is a co-founder of Decolonize This Place, the group that called for mass protests on Jan. 31.

New York, NY – The instigators behind the massive anti-cop subway fare protest in New York City on Jan. 31 are professors at New York University and the University of Buffalo.

The antifa group Decolonize This Place launched a social media campaign encouraging disruptive demonstrations in the New York City transit system on Jan. 31 as a reaction to the swearing in of 500 new subway cops who were sworn into the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) earlier in the month.

“The streets are ours. The trains our ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours. How will you and your crew build and f--k shit up for #FTP3 on #J31 (THIS FRIDAY)? Issa mothaf--kin' movement,” @decolonize_this tweeted on Jan. 28.

At the urging of Decolonize This Place, the protesters vandalized subway turnstiles and bus windows, causing more than $100,000 in damage to city property, according to the New York Post.

Campus Reform recently reported that Decolonize This Place, the group behind the violent protests, was founded in 2016 by New York University (NYU) Professor Amin Husain and University of Buffalo Professor Nitasha Dhillon.

NYU’s website said that Husain teaches a class on militant activism at the university, the New York Post reported.

Husain and Dhillon were both actively involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In 2012, Husain spoke at an Al-Quds Day celebration in New York City and said he was from Palestine and had fought to free Gaza.

He talked about throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli settlers and said that he’d moved to the United States for an American Dream that didn’t exist.

Husain talked about the same sort of violent uprisings in 2016 at a Pro-Palestinian rally in Times Square, the New York Post reported.

The Decolonize This Place website features revolutionary manuals and a diagram that explains how to “How to Shut Down the City.”

The guides discuss how to overpower an opponent and have thought bubbles with the words “nails,” “glass bottles,” and “masks,” the New York Post reported.

"For us, decolonization necessitates abolition,” the Decolonize This Place website explained. “But what does abolition demand? Not only does it demand the abolition of prisons and police, bosses and borders, but as Fred Moten and Stefano Harney write, it’s the abolition of a society that could have prisons, that could have slavery, that could have the wage, and therefore not abolition as the elimination of anything but abolition as the founding of a new society.”

Husain led a protest in 2018 and 2019 that forced the resignation of a board member of the Whitney Museum of American Art after it was revealed that a company he owned manufactured the tear gas being used at the U.S.-Mexico border, the New York Post reported.

The NYU professor uses movements such as Occupy Wall Street and the Direct Action Front for Palestine as case studies for the course he teaches at NYU.

NYU appeared not to want a close association with Husain, the New York Post reported.

“Our records reflect that he is one of the thousands of part-time faculty that are hired each year by schools and academic departments,” NYU Spokesman John Beckman said when asked about the militant instructor.

Husain’s contact information was removed from the NYU website shortly after the New York Post contacted the university for comment.

The New York Post also reported that Husain had recently scrubbed his Twitter account and removed any references to his role in the incident on Jan. 31.

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

In short, he is a domestic terrorist.

He hates this country, and thinks we are occupying it. He should go back to Palestine and throw more Molotov cocktails, as he himself says he used to do, in this video.

He is also an anti-Semite, which is quite apparent at the end of this video...

Now, he is using his adjunt-professor status to indoctrinate our youth, encourage them to be "militant" and he gets paid handsomely for it.

No. 1-20

"New Society?" Sounds an awful like another Confederacy wishing to rise in the North to me. How about forcing everyone of the supporters of that trash talker out of our country and into one where it will be a new society to THEM like North Korea, China, or some other hostile country that will kill you for just breathing the wrong way.


Someone should sue him for damages!!!! Come on people, you'll be a hero!!!! Sue the bastard!


Here's an eye opener: " . . . NYU’s website said that Husain teaches a class on militant activism . . . "

Why in the hell is there even such a class being offered? They sure didn't teach crap like this when I graduated from NYU years ago. The University can try to distance themselves from Husain all they want, but it won't work. They pay him to indoctrinate kids with this nonsense. This is just more proof we made the right decision in telling our kids to not even apply to NYU!


He should be removed and arrested for inciting riots and domestic terrorism. If he resists arrest, maybe we’ll be lucky and he’ll have a weapon and he’ll lose the battle and get shot...in the head.


In some states there are laws prohibiting para-military training, but in NY, a university can teach terrorism. Scary.
2010 Pennsylvania Code
5515 - Prohibiting of paramilitary training.
§ 5515. Prohibiting of paramilitary training.
(a) Definitions.--As used in this section the following
words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this
"Civil disorder." Any public disturbance involving acts of
violence by assemblages of three or more persons, which causes
an immediate danger of or results in damage or injury to the
property or person of any other individual.
"Explosive or incendiary device." Includes:
(1) dynamite and all other forms of high explosives;
(2) any explosive bomb, grenade, missile or similar
device; and
(3) any incendiary bomb or grenade, fire bomb or similar
device, including any device which:
(i) consists of or includes a breakable container
including a flammable liquid or compound and a wick
composed of any material which, when ignited, is capable
of igniting such flammable liquid or compound; and
(ii) can be carried or thrown by one individual
acting alone.
"Firearm." Any weapon which is designed to or may readily be
converted to expel any projectile by the action of an explosive;
or the frame or receiver of any such weapon.
"Law enforcement officer." Any officer or employee of the
United States, any state, any political subdivision of a state
or the District of Columbia and such term shall specifically
include, but shall not be limited to, members of the National
Guard, as defined in 10 U.S.C. § 101(9), members of the
organized militia of any state or territory of the United
States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or the District of
Columbia, not included within the definition of National Guard
as defined by 10 U.S.C. § 101(9) and members of the armed forces
of the United States.
(b) Prohibited training.--
(1) Whoever teaches or demonstrates to any other person
the use, application or making of any firearm, explosive or
incendiary device or technique capable of causing injury or
death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or
intending that same will be unlawfully employed for use in,
or in furtherance of, a civil disorder commits a misdemeanor
of the first degree.
(2) Whoever assembles with one or more persons for the
purpose of training with, practicing with or being instructed
in the use of any firearm, explosive or incendiary device or
technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, said
person intending to employ unlawfully the same for use in or
in furtherance of a civil disorder commits a misdemeanor of
the first degree.


When are we going to get these people a one way ticket and drop them in the middle of some desert somewhere


Hey New Yorkers...your tax dollars at work.


Hussain said he moved to the United States for an American dream that didn’t exist... ummmm, then get the F out. He now leads a terrorist organization that’s right on par with BLM


Teaching militant activism in an American university????? Wait.....what???? These assholes need to be arrested for inciting domestic terrorism. Hopefuly the FBI are paying attention.


Why isn't this thing 6 ft under yet


The left's indoctrination platform has been in colleges for decades. It's scary to think that they're now using campaign slogans to pay for ALL pre-K and childcare... I guess if they can start the brain washing at a younger age it will work better?


Keep in mind, asshat, what we did to the other Hussein. You should be deported to Antarctica.


I wonder if his comments and actions would be grounds for termination.... nah, he's in education, in NYC, he's likely to get promoted




F#@* you and the camel you rode in on. Go back to your rathole country. You don’t like it here then LEAVE

Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant

I'm sure the Socialist Mayor has him over to dinner.... and wishes him well
as the mayors days with a dictator. People better start looking at where this idiots have come from as anti-Americans.
Castro was a friend of old Fidel Castro.


Classified as enemy's of the state and should be delt with as such!


As a foreigner my self I am disgusted by people like this guy . We are blessed to be accepted in this new home to us and that’s the way he is paying back? Talking trash about his host country? Go back where you came from and transformed your own home to what you wanted to be. Don’t you come here and bring your own misery to this blessed nation .


Since NYU is condoning this type of education to its students. The college should be held accountable for the actions of their students. After all the students are only practicing what is being taught.