NYPD Sgt. Under Investigation For Letting Suspect Go Because He Was Black

Multiple police officers complained after Sgt. Edwin Raymond let a man go who was violating a protection order.

Brooklyn, NY - An NYPD Sergeant is under investigation after reports that he allowed man to walk free despite violating the conditions of a protection order.

The reason given for the release was because the suspect was black.

NYPD Sgt. Edwin Raymond, who has a history of accusing the NYPD of racism, is being investigated after about six officers complained, according to the New York Post.

The incident occurred on September 10, when Sgt. Raymond and other NYPD police officers from Police Service Area 2 responded to Brownsville Houses on a report of a protective order violation.

A woman had reported that her ex had been "lurking around" outside of her building in violation of a protective order that she had obtained. Officers located the man and confirmed that he had an active protection order which prohibited him from being there.

Instead of arresting the man, Sgt. Raymond reportedly told him, “Brother, we have to stop putting people like you and me in jail — don’t make me regret this." He then allowed him to leave, and radioed dispatchers "No crime."

Several officers complained about the incident.

When the woman found out that her ex was not arrested for violating her protective order, she was not pleased. She told reporters with the New York Post that the man was still harassing her.

She said, "Any other sergeant would've gotten him in a week."

The woman, who asked that her name not be released, said that usually her ex is arrested, and he would get out of jail the next day.

"I don't understand. They let them walk the streets when I have an order of protection and he has a warrant out."

The woman said, "Yesterday he called me and said 'If you come outside I'm gonna bust you your head'...He says he's going to put me in the trunk and time's up. Who wants to hear that?"

The man has a criminal history including 29 arrests, including assaults and grand larceny.

Sgt. Raymond is founder of the group Cops for Kaepernick, who rallied in August in support of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

In a previous statement, Sgt. Raymond said, "As members of law enforcement, we can confirm that the issues he is saying exist in policing, and throughout the criminal justice system, indeed exist."

In 2012, he and 11 other black and Latino officers filed a class-action lawsuit against the NYPD claiming "the department harassed them and punished them for speaking out against arrest quotas that target minorities."

On Instagram, about two weeks ago, Sgt. Raymond posted, "We MUST get rid of the draconian practices being disguised as legitimate police work."

The NYPD did not release any additional details, but did confirm that Sgt. Raymond was under investigation.

Take out the racial aspect of this. Let's look at the liability aspects of failing to arrest this man. If he would have come back and assaulted this woman, now the city, the NYPD, and each officer on scene could have been brought up for civil liabilities at a minimum. Failure to do his job could have had far reaching consequences against multiple parties. Bad decision on his choice. And as for for his comment “Brother, we have to stop putting people like you and me in jail — don’t make me regret this." By his words and actions he put the public at risk, he needs to be suspended and demoted for dereliction of duty.

And if the husband follows through with the threats on her life does the Sgt. get charged with accessory to murder or a complicity charge. If I was one of the other officers the arrest should be made. If the Sgt. tried to go after them there will be an investigation and it will come out that the Sgt. is violating his oath of office.

This guy sounds like Amazed from the BX....

that officer should be removed and fired for not doing his job and putting others in danger because he has brought his personal beliefs to work. he should also face jail time fore missus of the badge.

Money bets he get a week suspension with pay