NYPD Officer Ryan Nash Identified As Hero Who Took Down Manhattan Terrorist

Officer Ryan Nash was identified as the hero who took down the Manhattan terrorist on Tuesday.

New York City - The hero officer who shot terrorist Sayfullo Saipov on Tuesday has been identified as NYPD Officer Ryan Nash, according to New York Daily News.

Officer Nash, 28, is an officer in Lower Manhattan’s 1st Precinct.

The officer then responded to the attack scene, and shot the terrorist in the stomach.

“I want commend the response of our NYPD officer that was on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began,” NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said at a press conference.

On Tuesday, at around 3:15 PM, Sayfullo Saipov committed a terrorist attack in Manhattan which left 8 people dead and at least 14 injured.

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is a native of Uzbekistan and a resident of Tampa, but is believed to also have a residence in New Jersey. Court records show that he was stopped in 2012 and 2015, and gave police a Paterson, New Jersey address.

On Tuesday, the terrorist rented a Home Depot truck in New Jersey which was used for the attack, according to Shimon Prokupecz with CNN.

Saipov used the truck to jump a curb along West Side highway, and mowed down bicyclists and pedestrians, according to NY Daily News.

After running down the pedestrians, he rammed other vehicles, and a school bus.

Saipov then jumped out of the car and shouted "Allahu Akbar" while wielding two imitation firearms.

NYPD arrived and shot Saipov down. The terrorist survived his injuries, and is being treated at a hospital.

Six victims died on scene, and two more died after being transported to the hospital. One of the murdered victims was a Belgian citizen.

Saipov immigrated from Uzbekistan in 2010, and NY Daily News reports that investigators believe he entered the country illegally. Other reports contradict this, and claim that he was a green card holder, but it's unclear what their sources are.

WNBC is reporting that a note was found in the truck saying that the attack was committed for ISIS.

Mary Murphy with PIX11 reports that the terrorist had a girlfriend and three children in Paterson, NJ.

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So glad that he survived! The fact that he had fake guns implied he wanted to become a martyr for isis. This way he is denied his "70" virgins, and gets to face the consequences of his actions... he should have to listen to God bless America every morning and Star Spangled Banner every evening. Maybe listen to Billy Grahm every few hours...


I keep asking you officers not to risk your lives. Shoot the chest area and shoot until they are down or hambuger! All in all, I am glad he is OK and to the city so wants you to know they employ hero's, we already know! Stop plastering their faces and making them targets!!