Nogales Officer In Patrol Car Shot By Carjacker, People Rush In To Film

A Nogales police officer was shot on Friday, then people rushed up to film him.

Nogales, AZ - A Nogales Police Department officer was shot on Friday after responding to a carjacking. Numerous videos have surfaced of people who responded to the aftermath by filming the officer in his patrol car.

The incident started Friday at around 3 p.m. in the Mesa Verde Drive area when an officer was responding to a report of a carjacking, according to Nogales International.

The officer saw the suspect vehicle fleeing the area and initiated a traffic stop.

Shots were fired during the traffic stop, leaving the officer critically injured. The suspect fled from the scene.

UPDATE: The officer has died.

Videos have surfaced on social media which appear to show people rush in to video the critically injured officer in his patrol car.

The videos are extremely disturbing. We will not be posting the videos.

The officer's patrol car had numerous gunshot holes in the windshield, both driver's side windows shot out, and the passenger side window shot out, as well as bulletholes in the car's body.

The officer was airlifted to Tuscon in critical condition.

Officers located the suspect and a pursuit started which involved another gunfight and two more carjackings before the suspect was taken into custody near Mariposa Manor Trailer Park, according to Nogales International.

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RIP Sir. 8-(


Someone DIed You idiots sit here bickering like children who got headaches and diseases. Personally, you both are fools! Lack of Respect.


Rest In Peace Officer - our hearts and prayers go out to your family, department, community.
They’ll take the watch from here


The videos on here are ones that have been officially released from law enforcement and sometimes supplement with phone videos from “lay persons” ie bystanders or reporters.
The purpose is dissemination of information - to report what happened and give visual reference. It allows the public another way to absorb material and make up their own minds as to what actually occurred.
Re-showing the videos of the officer as he sat dying in his patrol car is not needed in this case. We know what happens when someone is shot and then dies.

It’s also out of respect for his family - the blood and blue