Nike Manager Calls Police On Man For Waving Blue Line Flag Outside Of Store

Jimmie Cavin had the police called on him for visibly supporting the police.

Little Rock, AR - It only took about 15 minutes of quietly waving a blue line flag near a Nike store before the store manager called the police on Jimmie Cavin.

Cavin showed up to the parking lot on Thursday and quietly sat on his tailgate, waving his police support flag.

"Now what better place to wave the flag than right here in front of the Nike store," he said in a video that he posted to Facebook.

Cavin told KLRT-TV that about 15 minutes into it, a Little Rock Police Officer showed up after the Nike store manager called police.

"Of course, we chatted," Cavin told the news station. "He realized I wasn't doing anything wrong."

"I mean, just an ol' redneck sitting on his tailgate waving a flag," he said.

After the officer talked to Cavin and realized that he was doing nothing wrong, the officer left.

"So, Nike called the police on the guy supporting the police for supporting the police," Cavin told KLRT.

After the story hit the news, people began to speculate that Cavin was actually causing some sort of disturbance.

"I want to provide some clarity about what happened at the Nike store yesterday," Cavin posted on Friday. "Please watch the video."

"This was what I was doing.....Thats it...I pulled in the parking space...Got out...Dropped the tailgate...Sat on it...And waved the flag...Thats it," he posted. "I didnt approach the store...I didnt talk to any employees...I didnt talk to any customers going in & out of the store...I just sat on the tailgate waving the flag......And the store Manager called the Police."

"Now everyone think about something for me," he added. "If I was doing the Same Thing only I was waving a Anti-Police flag in front of a business & its manager called the Police then what do you bet it would be National News ?? What do you bet ???"

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A Nike spokesperson told KLRT that they respect the right to protest.

Nike's new ad campaign features millionaire Colin Kaepernick with the words "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

Kaepernick's "sacrifice" is an apparent reference to the former NFL player's inability to get re-hired after voluntarily quitting the NFL.

The "believe in something," is an apparent reference to Kaepernick calling police officers murderers, and kneeling in protest to the American flag.

Blue Lives Matter has called to boycott Nike to show them that they can't put officers' lives at risk just to make money.

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"A Nike spokesperson told KLRT that they respect the right to protest."

Except if you're in a parking lot near them while waving a blue line flag.




He's driving a Chevy Silverado crew cab. I wonder if he minds that it was made in Mexico?


Good for him, now if more people would put their money where their mouths are (they won't), but if they would, there might actually be a difference. The store does have some nerve, but the people that work there are probably clueless as to what they do even stands for. As I've said, whether it's fame or infamy, it's going to put money in your pocket. Kardashians anyone? Just don't mention he who should not be named except in jokes. Don't buy and boycott Nike and NFL it'll be ok, not great but ok. But people being people do not care what a product stands for, as long as it's worth money.