NFL Player Who Kneeled In Protest Gets Team To Donate $200K To Police Charity

The Broncos' Von Miller was worried about so many mass shootings so he helped raise $200k to buy body armor for police.

Colorado Springs, CO – National Football League (NFL) linebacker Von Miller and some of his Denver Broncos teammates have donated $200,000 to an organization that purchases body armor and other protective gear for law enforcement officers.

Miller and about 20 teammates, along with several key members of the Denver Broncos’ management, made the donation to the nonprofit Shield616, according to KOAA.

The donation will go to pay for more than 125 protective kits for officers that include a ballistic vest, a ballistic helmet, and a wound trauma kit.

The new armor was designed to provide better coverage during mass shootings or active-shooter situations.

It provides officers with better protection from high-caliber rifle ammunition and automatic weapon fire, according to KOAA.

“When I heard there’s been more than 300 mass shootings in the last year alone, I felt like we needed to do something for those who protect us,” Miller said. “I hope that we can all help bridge the gap and work to improve relationships with law enforcement in our communities.”

Miller’s initiative inspired about 20 of his teammates to contribute, as well as Denver Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph, President and CEO Joe Ellis and General Manager John Elway, according to KOAA.

“We are humbled and proud to see that Von Miller, his teammates and the Broncos are utilizing their God-given leadership gifts and influence to not only better protect our protectors but to also help build positive community relations,” Shield 616 Founder and President Jake Skifstad told KOAA.

This is not the first time that Miller has been generous in helping first responders.

In 2016, Miller gave $25,000 to the fire department in his hometown of DeSota, and donated a custom SUV to the DeSota Police Department, according to FOX News.

The NFL player also visited the fire department and the police station to meet with first responders and sign autographs.

In 2017, Miller reportedly lost a sponsorship deal for kneeling during the national anthem in apparent protest of President Trump.

In September, 2017, President Trump tweeted that all players who kneel should be fired.

Miller took issue with the president's words.

"It was his choice of words. I felt like he was pointing out a few guys. I felt like it was an attack on the National Football League, talking about ratings and all this other stuff," Miller said at the time, according to KMGH. "This my life. I love everything about the NFL. I try not to get into any politics and social issues and just play ball. But I felt like it was an attack."

Miller signed a six-year, $114.5 million contract with the Broncos in 2016, according to the Denver Post. His contract included a $23 million signing bonus.

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"The Broncos' Von Miller was worried about so many mass shootings so he helped raise $200k to buy body armor for police"

Its a start for that I say to Von Miller kudos for a positive idea and it's a good start ...... now please spread the word and tell teammates so that they can "pick up the ball and run with it" as well.


The NFL has been pushing a campaign this year trying to prove to people they aren't all worthless thugs. Just about every commercial shows them at some charity handing out turkeys or whatever. Anything to change the mindset of those who no longer watch the NFL games. If Miller is sincere, then I applaud his effort. I just hope this isn't some tax write off for him and others who donated.


I really hope he is trying to do something good rather than tryna get a good tax break. But thank you sir.


I don’t care how much he gets donated or to whom received it!!! What about the lost lives who fought for the right to show RESPECT to our National Anthem!!!!!!


And you all thought he was "anti-police" and "national felon league". Ha. Mr Miller is a concerned citizen who cares about issues such as controversial police shootings as well as mass shootings. He doesn't villify the police. He supports the ones who do their jobs and rush into danger. His taking a knee has no negative reflection of his good character. I personally don't stand for your "anthem" because of the shady sinister racist who wrote it. Every one has their own reasons.