NFL Player LeSean McCoy Ordered To Pay Philly Cop He Hurt In Bar Brawl

NFL running back LeSean McCoy and his friend were each ordered to pay $55,000 to a Philly cop they hurt in a bar fight.

Philadelphia, PA – National Football League (NFL) running back LeSean McCoy and his friend, Tamarcus Porter, have each been ordered to pay $55,000 to a police officer they injured in bar fight.

McCoy, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, and Porter, who played football at the University of Pittsburgh, were involved in a bar fight with off-duty Philadelphia Police Officer Roland Butler at about 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 7, 2016, according to WPVI.

The settlement was an agreement that was reached after two days of binding arbitration over a civil case that resulted from the fight at a club, according to ESPN.

The arbitrator said that the fight started inside the Recess Lounge when Officer Butler argued with Porter over a bottle of champagne.

Arbitrator Annette Rizzo wrote that Officer Butler was taken to the ground during the fight and punched and kicked several times.

He suffered a broken nose, cuts to his face, broken ribs, and a broken thumb, according to ESPN.

Davis said Officer Butler missed months of work as a result of his injuries.

William Davis, attorney for Officer Butler, said that the Buffalo Bills’ running back had already paid the $55,000 owed to Officer Butler, ESPN reported.

However, Davis said that McCoy’s friend Porter has not yet paid up.

A second off-duty police officer was seriously injured in the same brawl with the football players.

Philadelphia Police Officer Darnell Jesse was also off-duty in the Recess Lounge that night, and he attempted to help Officer Butler during the fight, ESPN reported.

Officer Jesse suffered a broken orbital bone after being punched once in the face.

However, the officer received no financial award because he could not clearly identify the person who hit him, ESPN reported.

No criminal charges were filed against any of the parties involved in the fight.

McCoy signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the Buffalo Bills in 2015, according to ESPN.

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Love it, national felon league has to pay out for a change.


Unfortunately he didn’t pay enough!


Another fine member of the national felons league strikes again! He should have paid a helluva lot more.


Unfortunately I live in New York and watch the Buffalo Bills. McCoy is a has been. The officers should have made him far more than he paid. These players need to be accountable for their dumbass stupidness. Just because they play supposably "pro" ball, they're no better than a pee wee ball. He needed to pay million(s) to the officer in my mind.


This is some awesome shit. No privileged “entitled” outcomes here. We need more of this stuff.