NFL Player Arrested For Robbery Over $15 Item

Marlon Humphrey was arrested for robbery of an Uber driver.

Tuscaloosa County, AL - Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was arrested for robbery after allegedly assaulting an Uber driver while taking his phone charger.

The incident occurred on Jan. 13 at around 2 a.m. when Humphrey and two female companions called an Uber to take them to Hotel Capstone, according to The Baltimore Sun.

While they were in the car, the NFL player asked the driver to borrow a phone charging cable.

The police report says that once they got to the hotel, Humphrey grabbed the cable along with other cables. There was some sort of altercation where the driver tried to get his cable back and Humphrey allegedly elbowed him to the side, but didn't cause injury.

The driver said that Humphrey balled up his fist and implied that he would fight if the driver kept trying to get his cable back.

The cornerback also allegedly damaged more property while getting out of the car.

The driver called police, and University of Alabama police officers contacted Humphrey in his hotel room and found him holding the cable. The player said that it was his cable, but officers noted that it didn't fit his phone.

The officers arrested Humphrey for robbery and he bonded out on $2,500 bail.

Paul Patterson, Humphrey's lawyer, says that he expects the charges to be dismissed.

"This young man has 11 million reasons why not to steal a $15 cord," Patterson said according to ESPN.

Patterson also disputed the account that Humphrey had assaulted the driver.

"Marlon, to his credit, did not strike or try to fight with the Uber driver," Patterson said, according to ESPN. "If Marlon Humphrey threw an elbow at someone, there would be some injuries."

The attorney then accused the Uber driver of looking for a payday.

"This is not in the nature or character of Marlon Humphrey," Patterson said, according to ESPN. "Everyone knows it. We fully anticipate that the Uber driver may be out for secondary gain. That's the sad thing."

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@Scattered I did explain, twice. He probably grabbed it because he thought it was his, like a drunk friend taking your lighter after you let him borrow it.

Also, I'll bet money he didn't touch the driver, clown.


Oh I think he did it alright. Being a total bully entitled asshole c showing off because he could. Explain the phone cord in his hand that did NOT fit his phone. I'm sure in his stupidity and aggressive behavior he over looked the fact that he didn't check to make sure it fit. They aren't known for their brains but how to throw a ball.


@ProCop since we're talking reading comprehension, did you happen to see where I said he probably took the cable thinking it was his, then got the cops called on him?

Your response reads like I said he didn't take anything. I never said that.. In fact I said he probably took it thinking it was his, and there probably was never a physical confrontation. The Uber driver was looking for his come up and happened to have an NFL player in his car.

My (as informed as yours) assessment is this guy saw a way he could escape being an uber driver, and decided to amp up a story of a passenger accidentally taking his phone cord to a theft and minor assault.

There you go. Now respond to what I said, instead of what you thought I said.


@Just-My-Thoughts they're college students, they don't have multi million dollar contracts. I said a multi millionaire with 2 girls heading to a hotel room wouldn't be concerned with a charger.

Try again.