NFL Brother Of Slain Marine Says Kaepernick Paid 'Ultimate Sacrifice'

The NFL-player brother of a slain U.S. Marine will wear cleats supporting Colin Kaepernick.

Nashville, TN - Tennessee Titan Rishard Matthews plans to wear cleats honoring Colin Kaepernick, saying that the quarterback "paid the ultimate sacrifice" by kneeling.

Although the National Football League wouldn’t allow the Dallas Cowboys to honor police officers murdered at a Black Lives Matter rally, the league will allow the player to honor police-hating Kaepernick.

Rishard Matthews has said he will wear the special made cleats as part of the league’s “My Cause My Cleats” this weekend.

The NFL launched the initiative to allow players to showcase a charity of their choosing.

“I dont have a foundation so i have chosen to support my brother @kaepernick7 foundation @yourrightscamp for #MyCauseMyCleats He has paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to bring true everday issues to light” Matthews posted on his Instagram account.

Most people associate the “ultimate sacrifice” with someone who has died while protecting the lives of others or in service of their country. It was likely the first time the term has been used to describe an unemployed millionaire.

Matthews’ brother was a U.S. Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan two years ago. His father was also a U.S. Marine.

Kaepernick started a campaign called Know Your Rights in 2016. There is little information on the website about the organization or its infrastructure. The last event posted on the website occurred May 6, and there are no current or future events listed.

Before he was replaced by the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick wore socks with pigs in police uniforms in the 2016 preseason. He has compared police officers to slave patrols of the 19th century.

Kaepernick also started the national anthem protests that have caused the league’s TV ratings and attendance to drop.

The NFL’s decision-making process for giving permission to support causes seemed arbitrary.

They would not permit the Dallas Cowboys to wear the “Arm in Arm” decal during the 2016 pre-season to honor of the five police officers murdered by Micah Johnson on July 7, 2016 during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Matthews has joined in the protests this season. He has remained in the locker room during the anthem for nearly every Titans game since Week 2, according to ESPN.

"Moving forward, I don't want this to be a publicity stunt," Matthews told ESPN about his protest earlier this season. "I don't want to take away from what the whole protest is about, which is oppression, police brutality and inequality in this country. I fully stand with my brother Kap, and I plan to continue to do that."

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Interesting he sacrificed getting his knee dirty on American soil very interesting choice for a PANTHER


Who cares? We no longer watch any NFL games. Let them continue with the protest shenanigans all they want. My hope is that the fan base will decline so much that they will all be out of jobs soon. The statement about Colin paying the ultimate price is an insult to every life lost by our military & law enforcement personnel and a slap in the face to their family members. This speaks volumes about his lack of feelings for his own brother.


He paid a sacrifice because nobody wants to see his ugly face now but it isn't the ultimate one. That one's up to God.


That is the stupidest statement I've heard this week. He has managed to dishonor his brother who did make the ultimate sacrifice and everyone else who has paid the price to protect and serve this country. I wonder if he thinks his brother's sacrifice was just an inconvenience... and he comes from a family of Marines?


Colin Kaepernick "paid the ultimate sacrifice" by kneeling?