NFL Asst. Coach's Home Shredded By Bullets As 8 Gunmen Open Fire

Indianapolis Colts assistant coach Parks Frazier wasn't there when eight suspects opened fire on his home.

Indianapolis, IN – Eight men in three cars fired more than 70 shots into the home of an Indianapolis Colts assistant coach on Mother’s Day.

Witnesses told police that eight young men in three separate cars pulled up in front of the home of Parks Frazier, the assistant to the Colt’s head coach, located on Cressmoor Court, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The men jumped out of their vehicles and began firing wildly at Frazier’s home.

Bullets punched through glass windows and tore through the siding on the house.

The police report said that several of the bullets struck the neighbors’ homes as well.

Nobody was home at the football coach’s house, but the suspects kicked in the back door to check, and then opened fire inside the home as well, according to WRTV.

Investigators found at least 77 shell casings at the scene, and said there were five different weapons involved in the assault.

Police also found a silver iPhone in a purple case that may have been left at the scene by one of the shooters, according to USA Today.

A neighbor told the Indianapolis Star that she had noticed “random and suspicious cars” parked on the street near Frazier’s home in the days leading up to the shooting.

The neighbor, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years, said she was having dinner when she heard the gunfire.

“Then when it stopped I realized they were gunshots, and we saw two cars speeding away,” the neighbor said. “I built my home here and nothing like this had ever happened before. Everyone here knows everyone.”

Police said the incident is under investigation.

Frazier became the assistant to Colts Head Coach Frank Reich at the beginning of the 2018-2019 National Football League (NFL) season, the Indianapolis Star reported.

His team released a statement after the shooting at Frazier’s house that didn’t reveal any new information.

"We are extremely thankful our employee was not home at the time of the incident,” the Indianapolis Colts said in a statement. “Because this is an ongoing investigation, we have no further comment."

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Probably going to be a player who was cut for next season or not drafted by them - thinking he would be.


When you leave your cell phone at the scene of the crime, I'm thinking you want to get caught.


Yet they want to take guns off law abiding citizens, but not focus on unarming the criminals. Too many bad guys with access galore to guns. Obviously either the felons had an axe to grind about his becoming coach or he cut someone wanting to be picked. This is how our young&young adults respond when they can't get what they want. Get Liberal teachersprofessors out of our schools, that's half the problem. #Brainwashed American kids deserve the best education&the best teachers, not indoctrination.


I wonder what the Assistant Coach has been up to on his spare time? Eight people don't just show up at your house and shoot the hell out of it for nothing.