News Reports Fake Story Of Sgt. And Cop's Sex On Bodycam After Meme Goes Viral

NYPD officials have announced that all news reports about a bodycam recording of an NYPD sergeant having sex were false.

Brooklyn, NY – Police officials debunked news reports claiming that a New York Police Department (NYPD) 75th Precinct sergeant had been caught having sex with a subordinate on bodycam.

Numerous media outlets reported that police were investigating a video and audio recording an officer performing oral sex on the sergeant in a police vehicle during the midnight shift, the New York Post reported.

NYPD officials investigated after news reports emerged and determined the entire story was fake.

"Multiple" police sources allegedly provided the information to reporters just one week after NYPD announced that every lieutenant, sergeant, and officer on the department had been equipped with a bodycam, according to the New York Post.

"It’s endemic of today’s media that they’ll run to be first to report, no matter the veracity," an NYPD sergeant told Blue Lives Matter.

He said he was disgusted by how the story was handled.

"It never should have been written," the sergeant said.

Blue Lives Matter also received a meme from multiple officers, which appears to be the source of the story.

The meme featured a picture of a female officer with a screenshot of a text message which is allegedly from a sergeant. The sergeant described finding the video and what the female officer allegedly said after the sex act.

The meme apparently went viral among NYPD officers, and nobody who contacted Blue Lives Matter had any firsthand knowledge of the incident, but that didn't stop other news outlets from reporting a viral meme as fact.

The NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), the union that represents all retired and active-duty NYPD sergeants, released an angry statement in the form of an apology letter to its membership on its official Facebook page on Friday afternoon.

SBA President Edward Mullins condemned shoddy journalism practices that permitted a story to run without corroboration.

“The press coverage of this ‘incident’ is an egregious example of irresponsible reporting at the highest levels because the authors made no attempt to substantiate the sordid allegations,” Mullins wrote. “I would hope that they put their sources on notice that in the future they will not be taken at their word.”

“All accusations, whether criminal, civil, or administrative, must be corroborated at some level – so the actions of these reporters were extremely reckless and imprudent,” he continued.

“The press, which is supposed to be held to the highest standards of accountability, allowed these buffoons, posing as reliable police sources, to advance its old and tired anti-police narrative,” Mullins wrote. “If the press is to be taken seriously when it comes to the reporting of alleged police misconduct, they must start reviewing their own protocol when it comes to taking sources at their word.”

“I’m sorry that you had to read these despicable articles and I remind you that you are without question the most professional and proficient frontline supervisors in the world,” the union president wrote.

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Fuckin media. That’s the exact problem why everyone hates police. Because the news will report it just for ratings. When I stop news people I tag them for every violation I can. And tell them “I’m sorry, just doing my job” because I shit you not, they will “just do their job” and report any shit on us. And when their information is found to be inaccurate, there’s no apology, no correction, and definately no statement of how bullshit accusations against us were unfounded. It’s always we’re guilty and if it was a mistake, there’s nothing to report about it.


Now maybe everyone can see what President Trump has been saying for over three years. The mainstream media doesn't care if it's true or not, they are above it all. They can't be trusted!

The express
The express

The Police should try to sue the news outlets maybe them that would stop this BS.