Nevada Governor Threatens 'Drastic Measures' If Businesses Don't Close Doors Now

Sandy Malone

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak threatened "drastic measures" if businesses didn't heed the latest emergency order he signed.

Carson City, NV – Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued an emergency directive on Friday that legally ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in the state and threatened more drastic measures if people again failed to comply.

This is the third such order Sisolak has signed since the coronavirus pandemic began, KVVU reported.

The governor initially declared a state of emergency on March 12.

Then on March 17, he signed an order to close all of the casinos and asked non-essential businesses to close, KVVU reported.

“Previously, I asked non-essential businesses to close their doors to the public. I am no longer asking them to do that,” Sisolak said firmly. “I am directing all non-essential businesses to close. I repeat. If you are not an essential business, I am using my power as Governor under an emergency declaration to order you to close. I am signing a new emergency directive, the third I’ve signed since declaring a state of emergency”

“The emergency directive has specific regulations and will be available to all immediately after these remarks end,” the governor continued. “There should be no confusion, and there is none in my mind. This is not the time to try to find loopholes -- if your business is not essential to providing sustenance and for the everyday safety, health, and wellbeing of Nevadans, you must shut down so that we can give healthcare workers and our fellow citizens the best chance at fighting this virus that we can.”

“I hoped it would not come to this. I did not want it to come to this. But to protect all Nevadans, this is necessary,” he said.

Sisolak said that how businesses would be penalized for violating the order would be up to state and local governments, and said he would grant those who did not currently have the authority the right to impose civil penalties, including revoking business licenses and issuing fines, KVVU reported.

The governor seemed angry that his prior warnings regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus had gone unheeded by many Nevadans and he called out those who were not “stepping up.”

He promised that if the latest order was ignored, he would come back with even more “drastic measures” to protect the residents of his state, KVVU reported.

“But first, let me start by laying out our situation in the most honest way possible: The virus is going to get worse before it gets better,” Sisolak said. “Like so many other states, Nevada’s health system will not be able to handle an excessive increase in patients all at once without rapidly straining resources. And without aggressive mitigation efforts, an outbreak can turn into a full blown crisis that will overwhelm our hospitals, put our health care workers at a higher risk of exposure, and test the limits of our medical system.”

The order goes into effect at midnight, according to KVVU.

Sisolak said that Nevada had 109 positive coronavirus cases on Friday, and that one person in the state had died.

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Democrat power hungry jerk.

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This is ridiculous! People still have to survive and pay bills.


Chaos is Control. The more Chaos the easier it is for non-freedom loving politicians to make laws to strip our freedoms away...


Whorehouses and marijuana dispensaries exempt? Asking for a horney, dope smoking friend.


I read an article about how South Korea is handling the virus. It sure makes sense to me. Those infected or with symptoms are kept quarantined. Others are told to go ahead with their daily routines, jobs, etc. It seems to be working, with no shortages of food, TP, other items.