NBA Star Nick Young Turns A Simple Traffic Stop Into An Arrest

Nick Young didn't cooperate with police and became upset so he was arrested and his car was impounded

Hollywood, CA NBA player Nick Young was arrested Friday night after an incident during a traffic stop with police.

TMZ reported that Young, known by his nickname Swaggy P, refused to cooperate with police officers on the scene.

Police took Young out of his car and ordered him against a wall and then handcuffed him and took Young into custody, according to TMZ. The car was impounded.

In the video obtained by TMZ that was taken by witnesses, Young can be heard yelling, "Am I resisting?"

KCBS-TV reported that Young was pulled over for an expired vehicle registration and an illegal window tint.

Los Angeles Police Department Spokesman Officer Mike Lopez told the Associated Press that Young didnt obey officers and became upset and caused a delay, according to ESPN.

Young, 33, was arrested for obstruction of justice, according to TMZ. He was released on a $10,000 bail about four hours after he was arrested, according to ESPN.

Young made $5.1 million last year while playing with the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. He is currently an unsigned free agent.

Young had another run-in with police while driving in 2016.

He was pulled over in Hollywood because he was playing his music too loud in a rental car that didnt have license plates, according to TMZ.

Young was cited for playing his music too loud and then claimed police took a cheap shot at him for playing for the Lakers, who finished 17-65 that year.

"After everything was over one of them (police) going to say (y'all suck) so I replied back like it ain't lookin to good for y'all neither, Young said, according to TMZ.

That same year, Young was involved with an incident with teammate DAngelo Russell, a rookie. Russell had secretly recorded Young in a private conversation.

At the time, Young was engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea. Russell asked Young about being with women other than Azalea, according to ESPN. Then the video was leaked to the internet.

Then Azalea responded to the video on her Twitter account. Azalea tweeted, "hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending... I actually liked his film. Thanks bro," according to ESPN.

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