NBA Player Tasered While Fighting Cops After Parking Like An A--hole

The Milwaukee Bucks guard was arrested early Friday morning.

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was arrested early Friday morning, after he became combative with police over a parking citation.

Brown, 22, was arrested on a tentative charge of resisting or obstructing an officer, the Journal Sentinel reported.

The altercation unfolded at approximately 2 a.m., when officers from the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) were conducting a business check at a Walgreens store.

They noticed a Mercedes parked across two handicap spaces, and made contact with Brown, WISN reported.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Brown became confrontational when officers began writing him a parking ticket, and “an electronic control device was deployed” to subdue him.

The MPD is reviewing the incident, a department spokesman confirmed.

Police did not identify Brown as the suspect, and said that the investigation is ongoing.

“We are aware of the situation with Sterling Brown and are looking into it,” Jerry Baum, Milwaukee Bucks Senior Vice President of Communications said in an e-mailed statement, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Brown was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers as a 46th overall pick during the summer of 2017, and was signed by the Milwaukee Bucks in a deal between the teams, the Journal Sentinel reported.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Bucks paid the 76ers $1.9 million in order to sign Brown.

The 6 foot, 6 inch guard from Southern Methodist University shot 45.1 percent from 3-point range during his college career.

He has an average of 3.5 points and 1.8 rebounds per game this season, and made his first career start on Jan. 20, WISN reported.

According to Deadspin, Brown has played 21 games, and averaged 11.5 minutes of play per game.

His time on the court has increased in recent weeks, and he has averaged 22.3 minutes during his last five games, Yahoo Sports reported.

No. 1-17

Entitled Jack A$$

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

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I've stopped and in some cases, ticketed and arrested NFL players, with only one exception, (Dennis "Dale" Carter, he was very respectful even after being arrested) every single one of them acted like entitled I'm better than you, why the fuck are you bothering me, over paid assholes. This guy doesn't surprise me. Some kids get rich quick and all of a sudden they think they're hot shit. Sad thing is I'll bet they thought that before they got signed. Oh well, he's starting off to a "sterling" career.


Such a defiant picture of him. Better clean up your act or you will suffer in the end.


Another so called sports star that thinks he's better than everyone else.