Nationwide Manhunt For 3 Immigrants Accused Of Raping, Kidnapping Children

David Ramos Contreras, Juan Garcia Rios Adiel, and Arnulfo Ramos are wanted for the kidnapping and rape of juveniles.

Bowling Green, OH – A nationwide manhunt is underway for three illegal immigrants who have been accused of raping two children, police said.

Bowling Green police officers were called to the Wood County Hospital just before 11 p.m. on June 28 for reports that a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted, Deputy Chief Justin White said, according to The Blade.

The victims, who are sisters, told police that they were staying at a Days Inn motel in Bowling Green with their mother when four men held them against their will and sexually assaulted them.

Investigators subsequently learned that all four of the suspects had “fraudulent paperwork” indicating that they were immigrant workers, Deputy White said, according to KPTV.

On June 29, police apprehended 24-year-old Simon Juan Thomas in connection with the attack.

Thomas, who is from Guatemala, has been charged with misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact with a minor and was being held on $50,000 bond.

Nationwide warrants were issued for the remaining suspects, David Ramos Contreras, 27, Juan Garcia Rios Adiel, 19, and Arnulfo Ramos, Chief White said on Tuesday. Ramos’ age was not provided.

The arrest warrants listed the men’s charges as two counts of kidnapping and rape, The Blade reported.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are also involved in the search for the three remaining suspects, KPTV reported.

Contreras, who is from Mexico, was last seen on Saturday at approximately 2 p.m. at a Walmart in Holland, Ohio.

Security footage showed that he was with two unidentified females at the time, The Blade reported.

Investigators believe the two females had given Contreras a ride in a light-colored vehicle, WXIN reported.

These suspects have been on the run for days and could be anywhere. Please share this on social media to get their faces out so they have nowhere to hide.

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Golly........lets let the all enter the US w/o vetting or background checks. WRONG. They say they are fleeing the gangs in their respective homeands. Well, they're fleeing to the US also so they probably beat them here. I'm sick of paying for everyone else, go back and fight for your own country. In the early days of immigration they had to be ok'd to come here, needed sponsors, worked, even earlier they had to clear land, grow crops, build homes and support themselves. Now they come with hands out, have tons of kids and collect $$ for sitting. I'm tired about the PC left telling us how bad this country is, tearing babies from their nursing mothers, keeping kids away from their parents. If you're arrested on the street and have kids with you, Social Services takes them too, they're not allowed to be with their criminal parents. Wise up America..


Wow...another headline referencing these scum as "immigrants" rather than illegal aliens as they are. We are trying to be so politically correct they will be calling drug dealers undocumented pharmacists. Just sayin'....


Re: The headline, there’s a key word missing that distinguishes these thugs from immigrants. That word is ILLEGAL and it should be in all caps. And actually, the word ‘immigrants’ should be ‘Aliens’. You see, “immigrants” come here through the process known as IMMIGRATION, and they BELONG HERE once they’ve done that. ILLEGALS, on the other hand, DON’T belong here because they haven’t gone through the process and, therefore, are ALIEN, as in foreign or not belonging.

I don’t care if they are Latino, Cambodian, Nigerian, Russian, Dutch, British or Canadian. These guys didn’t think it was wrong to jump the border. They also didn’t think it was wrong to assault these two girls, sexually or otherwise. What’s their next act of “humanitarian behavior” going to be??!! They obviously feel ENTITLED to cut ahead of all the other people who are trying to follow the rules and come here LEGALLY. They also feel ENTITLED to suck off the system and our tax dollars. Their narcissistic little minds think that laws are for other people, not them. They have no regard for societal laws and rules or knowledge of acceptable forms of behavior. See the pattern here, people?!

It is probably safe to say that there was some sort of issue in their childhood, to which many on the left would say “they are the victims (of some sort of perceived societal wronging, certainly by the hands of the white American male, American politicians, the police, ICE, the Founding Fathers, or any other cause of the day).” But what it really boils down to is PERSONAL CHOICE and total lack of Empathy. They are not living in a vacuum. They see how healthy minded people around them behave. They just choose not to listen, learn or comply. They only think about “ME, MY WAY, MY WANTS, WHAT I THINK.” And to those two poor girls or any of their other victims, they say “It sucks to be you, hahaha!”

At some point these narcissistic scum bags are going to dupe some poor young soul into being their girlfriend or wife and subjecting them to a life of untold abuse and anguish. I can only pray that they are caught and/or killed before that happens.


@LordSeamus -


And now for a fowl joke......... isn't an ill eagle some type of sick bird ?