Murdered Officer's Bodycam Shows Him Being Shot To Death With His Own Weapon

Authorities released a police report that described the bodycam footage from a murdered Fort Myers police officer.

Fort Myers, FL – Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller was shot multiple times with his own weapon, according to a police report that has just been released.

WBBH reported that Officer Jobbers-Miller was wearing a bodycam that captured his own murder by Wisner Desmaret.

The incident that led to the shooting began at about 7:16 p.m. on July 21 when police received a 911 call from a citizen at the Marathon gas station on Martin Luther King.

Fort Myers Police Chief Derrick Diggs said the caller reported having seen someone assault a group of young men, and take a cell phone from their vehicle at the gas station.

Police responded to the scene, but the suspect had already fled, the chief said.

At about 7:19 p.m., he said an officer found a suspect – Desmaret - who matched the description on Flint Drive.

The suspect fled, and Officer Jobbers-Miller “was shot and wounded while he was attempting to take suspect into custody after a brief foot pursuit,” Chief Diggs said.

The police report said that when Officer Jobbers-Miller caught up with Desmaret, a Fort Myers police lieutenant already had the suspect lying face down on the ground.

WBBH reported that the investigator who reviewed the bodycam footage said Desmaret can be heard yelling, "Don't shoot me, don't shoot me. Shoot me in the back. 4, 3, 2, 1. Shoot me. I don't want to stand up. Shoot me while I'm not looking."

In the video, both officers told Desmaret that they had no reason to shoot him, according to WBBH.

They ask him to stand up so they can talk to him.

At that point, a car pulls up with the victims of the phone theft at the gas station, and while officers were talking to them, Desmaret got squirrely.

He got up and reached for his car, but one of the men stopped him. Then he took off running with Officer Jobbers-Miller right on his heels, according to WBBH.

The police report said Officer Jobbers-Miller yelled at Desmaret to stop, but he continued to flee. When the officer caught up to him, Desmaret turned toward the officer with his hands out to his side and his palms up, according to WBBH.

Then the officer’s bodycam video showed Desmaret suddenly turned and lunged at Officer Jobbers-Miller, hitting him and knocking him to the ground, the police report said.

Officer Jobbers-Miller fell back and hit the ground face up, and then scrambled to regain his footing as Desmaret continued his attack.

In the video, Desmaret hovered over Officer Jobbers-Miller, and then reached down to grab his service weapon out of his holster and fire two shots, WBBH reported.

The first shot hit Officer Jobbers-Miller, but the second shot was aimed at the police lieutenant, according to the police report.

On the bodycam video, the lieutenant told dispatch “shots fired!” just as three more gunshots were heard, according to WBBH.

At that point, the suspect fled back to the original Marathon gas station location “where he was taken into custody following an officer-involved shooting,” the chief said.

Witnesses positively identified Wisner Desmaret as the suspect involved in the initial incident at the gas station, he said.

Officer Jobbers-Miller joined the Fort Myers Police Department in September of 2015. He’d previously served as a volunteer firefighter in Wayne, New Jersey, where his father was chief of the fire department for at least 30 years, the New-Press reported.

"Adam got his start up here with us, spending his early years as a member of Company 2 in Wayne, alongside his pop, as he calls him, before moving to Florida a few years ago, and becoming a cop," Wayne Fire Co. No. 2 Chief John Gabriel posted on Facebook.

A GoFundMe page has been started for the officer's family.

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Logic Required
Logic Required

More and more I see this tactic of suspects approaching with their hands raised to close down space on cops knowing any use of force would be heavily criticised because they were ‘surrendering’ and ‘were no threat’

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

In an earlier thread, I posed the question as to whether he was shot with his own weapon (based on the way the article at this site was written). Then I came back and deleted the question because other media stories made it sound like that definitely did not happen. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if I had left the question up. Oh, well. Thoughts and prayers, of course. This was an awful murder and I am glad they caught the murderer.


You don't even have to google the image....


Thie worthless fucker that executed this officer, with the officers own weapon, deserves to be put on his knees and executed by either a firing squad, the electric chair, or shot in the back of the head. If he’s somehow acquitted I hope he’s murdered on the steps of the court house.


RIP hero Thank you for doing a job so many of us aren't brave enough to do.


I'd like to see all body cams footage of this, as horrible as it is to watch a police officer get shot. To learn from tactics used.

Not having all the information, I wonder, if the Lt. had the perp proned out on the ground already, and he was already a possible suspect, from a tactical standpoint in my opinion he should have been cuffed and patted down before letting him back up. Why make him eat the pavement in the first place if not? Tell him your being detained for now. You can talk to him cuffed, and if he's the wrong guy let him go, if he's the one, toss him in the back of the squad car. You never want a suspect to be roaming free and have the witnesses pull up and say "Yep that's him" - 9 out of 10 times at the very least he's gonna rabbit on you. I think many police are more reluctant to do there job properly for the fear of "looking" mean or racist or whatever. Thanks to BLM / Al Sharpton-Obama's hate the cops policy and the general war on cops BS that's going on these day.

Second thing I read that leaves me wondering, where was the Lt. during the chase? Went back to his unit, or chased perp on foot also? I wonder why he didn't put a bullet in Desmaret after he attacked the officer and went for his gun? Maybe he was too far away for a clean shot? He called in the shots fired.... but from where?