MSNBC Host Says NRA Is 'Soaked And Bathed' In Blood After Texas Church Shooting

MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid says the U.S. is 'a danger to the world, not the light of it'

MSNBC journalist Joy Ann Reid tweeted on Sunday that the National Rifle Association is "soaked and bathed in blood” after a gunman shot and killed at least 26 people and injured over 20 others at a rural Texas church.

“The @NRA is soaked and bathed in blood. How do its adherents sleep at night?” Reid tweeted at 3:34 pm before any details of the shooting were released, including the identification of the shooter.

Reid is a national correspondent for MSNBC and hosts a weekend show on the cable network.

Reid continued her Twitter assault on the NRA in a series of later tweets in which she claimed that the country was “a danger to the world, not the light of it.”

“We are facing nascent fascism, the threat of autocracy and authoritarianism, resurgent neo-Nazism, mass shootings and political violence … all juxtaposed with unprecedented American weakness on the global stage. In just one short year America has become an albatross,” she tweeted. “We are a danger to the world, not the light of it… all so our bitter third can ‘have their turn’ to run things an feel important.”

She also jumped on the bandwagon of criticizing people who said that their thoughts and prayers were with the victims

One commenter on Twitter asked Reid why the NRA Twitter goes “silent” after mass shootings and asked “When do they ever tweet?”

“When they figure out how to spin the violence against people of color, immigrants or ‘Antifa’ to sell more guns. #bloodontheirhands,” Reid replied.

Many on Twitter attacked Reid for politicizing the tragedy.

The Texas church shooter was stopped when a good Samaritan hero armed himself with a rifle and engaged the shooter in a gunfight.

The shooter dropped his weapon in the gunfight and was pursued by the hero with a gun and a second hero good Samaritan until the killer was dead.

There's little doubt that if a hero hadn't armed himself with a rifle, he would not have been able to stop the church shooter.

Sweden has a gun law that works very well. The head of every household is given an automatic rifle. Not just to protect from criminals but the government as well. The crime rate is very low due to everyone having firearms in their homes and on their person. This country should implement the same gun laws. Help our officers by arming all the citizens of the country just for everyone’s safety. Hell make a law forcing the head of every household to carry everyday as well as a weapon in the house for home protection. Guaranteed the crime rate drops and more citizens would be willing to help an officer in need.


She is such a hateful and ignorant individual. Is it any wonder that Americans do not trust MSM?

How much blood do liberals have on their hands for their abortions?

I always think of Joy as a Cock Eyed Optimist

“all juxtaposed with unprecedented American weakness on the global stage. In just one short year America has become an albatross,” obummer is the only reason we have been looked at as weak on the global stage, she needs to get her head out of obummers ass like the rest of the idiotic liberal retards. The Air Force and their lack of following procedures is what allowed this tragic event to take place and a “gun toting” hero is the reason this wasn’t worse, it’s too bad those in the msm aren’t concerned with facts.