Mother Arrested For Tying 9-Year-Old Son To Roof Of Car

Amber Schmunk that it was safe because her son was strapped down.

Saukville, Wisconsin – A mother has been charged with child endangerment after she tied her 9-year-old son atop her minivan to hold down a plastic pool she was transporting.

Police said the 28-year-old Amber Schmunk had her son hold down the pool they’d just picked up once they couldn’t fit it inside the van, according to CBS News .

A driver saw the boy on the roof and called police Sept. 9. The driver who called police followed the vehicle until Schmunk pulled over and took the boy off the roof. Schmunk drove to her sister’s house when police made contact with her.

Schmunk told police her son was on top of the van, “but only for a short time, maybe 20-30 seconds,” according to CBS News.

Schmunk told an officer she thought it was OK because her father allowed her to do similar things as a child. Schmunk also told police she thought it was safe because she used a strap to tie her son down on top of the pool, according to the police report.

Schmunk was charged with recklessly endangering safety, which is a felony. Her court date is Nov. 11. If convicted she faced up to 10 years in prison.

“Why are these people breeding?!” asked a Gela Ahrens Oros on the CBS 58 Facebook page.

“So she couldn’t strap down the pool but she strapped her son over the pool over the roof of van smdh,” a Monic Mariscal posted on the Facebook page.

“She can’t get a ticket he was strapped in!” joked a Raymond Smith Jr on Facebook.

“I don’t see the problem here, the kid had to weigh at least 60 lbs, that should be enough to hold down the pool down,” said a John Gilson. “Sarcasm for those that are sarcasm challenged.”

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