Moms Outraged After Cheerleaders Asked To Sell Gun Raffle Tickets For Fundraiser

Sandy Malone

Two moms new to the group raised a stink about a gun raffle fundraiser that has been done successfully for four years.

New Richmond, OH – A couple of moms with daughters new on the cheer squad for the New Richmond Junior Lions Football organization are angry that their daughters have been asked to sell tickets to win a semi-automatic rifle for the group’s fourth annual gun raffle.

The members of the cheer squad are selling raffle tickets for an AM15 optic-ready M4 and the football team is selling tickets to win a 9mm Glock, WKRC reported.

“This is absurd, you’re having elementary kids sell your AR-15. Why?” Heather Chilton ranted to WXIX. “I highly doubt that something would happen with the gun, but say it did. Say one of the kids in the high school got a hold of it — got the AR-15 or AM15 and shot up a school with it, and I’m the one that sold the raffle ticket to his dad?”

Chilton said that shortly after her daughter joined the cheer squad, she received an email that said each member of the team needed to sell five raffle tickets for the rifle and five raffle tickets for a gift basket. The tickets are $10 each.

“I can’t see them selling some type of semi-automatic rifle when we have all these mass shootings going on, going door to door,” she said.

But New Richmond Junior Lions Football President Robert Wooten, who has five children himself, said nobody had to sell the gun tickets and everybody had been given an alternative raffle option, WXIX reported.

“They are not obligated. They are not required to participate in the gun raffle. We do suggest it," Wooten said. “We recommend it just because the money we receive is obviously needed for us to continue to provide sports for our community.”

He said that whomever wins the raffles for the Glock and the AM15 will have to pass federal background checks before they can take possession of the gun, according to WXIX.

Wooten said the league has done the same raffle successfully for four years and this is the first time he’s had complaints – exactly two of them, WKRC reported.

Despite the fact that she can opt out of her daughter selling raffle tickets for guns, Sari Brittain said she thought raffling off deadly weapons was an “unnecessary risk.”

“We live in a world where you don’t know if Bob down the street is okay with guns. So why would I take my 4-year-old daughter down the street to meet Bob who's not okay with it? And now he knows my face and my daughter's face,” Brittain said.

Chilton said that even though her daughter could opt out of selling tickets for the gun raffle, she is uncomfortable with other team members selling them, WXIX reported.

But despite the moms’ objections, Wooten said the media attention their complaints garnered has actually increased demand for raffle tickets for both gun prizes, WKRC reported.

“Each parent was asked to sell 10 tickets per family or per child. Since this has hit the press, the demand for it has increased substantially," the club president said.

He said the raffle fundraiser will continue this year and his organization will re-evaluate the prizes for next year, WKRC reported.

But the organization needed big ticket raffle prizes that will draw a lot of financial support for the cheerleaders and football players.

Wooten said that last year, the New Richmond Junior Lions Football spent $4,000 on insurance and equipment for the kids, WXIX reported.

The two moms who complained said they don’t care.

“They should do brownie bakes and cakes and bikes and ‘Go Team,’” Chilton told WCPO. “Not, ‘Hey, you want to buy a gun? I know I’m only seven years old, but that’s what we’re selling!’”

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You can win guns in raffles? That's fucking ridiculous. But then again, this is America.


This is called freedom. You don't have to buy a raffle ticket. Your children don't have to sell the raffle tickets for guns. Other people have their own opinions and choice regarding legal firearms which are just as valid and important as your opinions.


What a stupid idea. With all of the school shootings, raffling off a gun is such a ridiculous idea.


School kids selling raffle tickets for ironic!


Frankly these a children can’t they raffle something else Before anyone freaks out we NRA but this seems out of line


This is another example of the state of mind created by the media. Guns are evil!! All guns are veil!!. pure BS. When I was a kid, guns were quite common in many rural schools! High schoolers that had a vehicle usually kept a rifle or shotgun in it and at school.


Nobody will walk out of the raffle with a rifle, unlike other raffles... ( I wonder how everyone feels about a "basket of cheer" being raffled, or a car, both just as dangerous in dealing death as a gun... Look at auto death and alcohol related deaths... )

What the winner will get is a certificate from a legal gun dealer to get the rifle... So the mandatory back ground check be carried out and if the winner has no criminal record ( misdemeanor or felony ), he or she, will get the rifle... Just like anyone buying one outright...

In the case of winning a car, that car will be at the dealership so that it can be titled, get plates, etc. And the winner can drive away...

Frankly, I'm beyond sick and tired" of all of the fragile, emotionally incontinent, willfully uneducated regarding guns and gun owners, people and their shrieking and raising scared and scarred children and being immature themselves...

Take a gun safety course and get educated... I

I live near Baltimore City, and in the 33 years that I have been here, there were 200+ homicides every year, until the "Freddy Gray" riots, when the homicide rates since then have been 300-340 per year... As of 08/25/19, there have been 221... ( I think that they are aiming to have "one a day" < sarcasm )... And Baltimore boasts of having very strict gun laws ! Those laws apply to the law abiding... Not the thugs who get their guns from car trunks and abandoned, vacant, "stash houses"... Yes, there are "straw purchases", gun thefts from legal owners ( who seem not to report the thefts... ), guns stolen from gun stores by thrives who ran cars into store front windows, or "break and enter", etc.

Maryland also has a "Red Flag" Law... It doesn't work in Baltimore... "Don't Snitch" and "Snitches Get Stitches ( and worse )" are the Law !

And the same "Red Flag" law got a legal, law-abiding gun owner killed in 2018 when the police invaded his home at 5:30am to seize his gun... Fearing for his and his wife's lives he had his gun drawn, thinking that he was dealing with a criminal home invasion and invaders ( he was )... The police tried to take his gun after serving the EPRO, and in the struggle, the gun went off ( hitting no one )and he was shot by an officer and killed !

The "law" really save lives in that situation, didn't it ?

Maryland says that I have a "duty to flee" from a criminal... I am disabled... How do I do that ?

Also, my wife needs to protect herself...


I'm in my 60's and for as long as I can remember there have been raffles with guns as the prizes. Though I'll admit it was usually a shotgun or hunting rifle as there are a lot of hunters in the area. And there has never been any complaint and I never heard of any crime committed with one of these weapons. But people are so picky now you have to walk on eggshells so as not to offend someone.

I'll admit little elementary school girls raffling off an AR 15 is kind of over the top. But none the less. They have the right not to sell the tickets. And people have the choice of not buying them. Or to buy a bunch of them and destroy the gun if they want ( Kind of Dumb ). But you have a small segment. In this case, 2 who feel if they don't feel comfortable with it. Then it must be wrong and it should be stopped. Not one person in history has been killed by a gun ( It's those humans that are the problem ). And before guns, they had club's, swords, etc. it someone wants to kill they can. But as long as some of the bad humans have guns. The good ones should too. And a raffle is a good way to get one.


Sounds like she has to pack up and move in a bubble .