Mom Who Heckled Cops In Viral Video Is Now Under Investigation For Child Neglect

A mother who heckled police as her kids were being arrested said she is now being investigated for child neglect.

El Paso, TX – A 33-year-old mother-of-six who helped record a video of an El Paso police officer as he pointed his duty weapon in the direction of a swarm of hostile children said she is now being investigated by Child Protective Services due to allegations of neglect.

Elizabeth Flores said that two of her sons, 15-year-old Jacob Saucedo and 17-year-old Julian Saucedo, were arrested as a result of the July 5 incident, which began as a report of a possible trespassing, the El Paso Times reported.

Police responded to the area and detained a group of “10-12 juveniles,” four of whom had gone into a vacant apartment without the owner’s permission, a witness told the officers.

As the officers continued their investigation, Jacob walked away from the wall where he had been told to stand, and marched up towards the officers to announce that he was leaving.

El Paso Police Officer Jose Rios ordered Jacob to return to his position next to the wall as previously directed, but the teen “refused to comply with the order to step back and against the wall,” police said, according to the El Paso Times.

Cellphone footage of the chaos that ensued showed Officer Rios as he was surrounded by the hoard of hostile juveniles, several of whom cursed at and taunted the officer.

At one point, Officer Rios drew his weapon, and pointed it in the direction of the children who he was still struggling to detain.

Jacob was ultimately placed into the back of a patrol car, and Julian was arrested moments later after he repeatedly ignored commands to get out of the street and attempted to walk behind the officers.

He was subsequently charged with interference with public duties.

On Tuesday, El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles announced the arrests of seven juveniles – six of whom were seen in the viral cell phone video – for allegedly burglarizing a toll booth in a separate incident at Ascarate Park on July 2, KFOX reported.

The teens shattered the toll booth window with a rock, then rifled through the room and stole a set of keys, Sheriff Wiles said.

The investigating deputies recognized that many of the suspects in the toll booth surveillance footage were also seen in the viral cell phone video, the El Paso Times reported.

Flores admitted that her sons were involved in the toll booth burglary, but argued that they were simply “followers” who were influenced by older friends, KVIA reported.

“I can’t stay up all night. You know, I do my best, um, to take care of my kids, but when kids are coming out so late and they come for my boys at midnight when I’m asleep, I can’t control that,” she said.

“One of them was crying. They’re like, ‘Mommy I know I did wrong,” Flores said of her conversation with her sons after their latest arrests. “The kids deserve what they got.”

"I don't work, I'm always with them, so I don't know why these people are saying 'where are these moms at?’" Flores said. “How was I going to know they were going to go with their friends and do stuff?”

Flores then complained that there are not enough activities to occupy teens in the neighborhood.

“I say this place needs something for the kids to play, you know, skate park, something,” she whined.

She also blamed Ascarate Park personnel for the incident, claiming that “someone” let her boys swim at park’s pool after their daily 9 p.m. closing time in the past.

Flores told KVIA that she “heard” her children would soon be released to house arrest on ankle monitors.

“And I’m OK with that,” she added. Flores said she also planned to punish her sons by not allowing them to have their friends over “at all,” and by “taking their phones away.”

It was unclear whether the teens might return home before or after Flores is investigated by Child Protective Services for allegations of neglect, however.

Flores told KVIA that “the juvi” gave her “a paper” about “them having CPS,” but didn’t have much else to say about the investigation beyond denying that she has been neglectful.

“But, I don’t see where… the kids are being neglected. They left on their own,” she said. “You know, it’s not me that [said] ‘oh yeah go ahead boys. Leave all you want. No, I take care of my kids.”

Flores was also present during the July 5 incident with Officer Rios, and even took over recording the altercation when Julian was taken into custody.

In the video, Flores was heard heckling the officer and encouraging the hostile kids’ behavior.

At one point, she ran away as an officer began to approach her.

“I know where you live,” the officer told her.

“I don’t give a s--t, I’ll move, n----r,” she retorted.

Flores quickly returned to the scene to record the officers as they argued with the crowd and took another child into custody, the video showed.

“A f--king cop without a badge and a gun, they ain’t s--t,” one child proclaimed. “White cop had to come back up this n----r!”

“As soon as you don’t got uniforms I’m gonna pull a gun on you, b---h. See how you like it!” the child yelled, while Flores voiced her agreement with his threat from behind the camera.

“Yeah, let’s see how that feels,” she chimed in. “These are little kids, but wait ‘til they grow up and give you a hard -ss time.”

You can see the video of her confrontation with the police below:

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""I don't work, I'm always with them, so I don't know why these people are saying 'where are these moms at?’" Flores said. “How was I going to know they were going to go with their friends and do stuff?”" Maybe you not working is why you should know who your kids are going to go hang out with...


When you have people like just know that's future job security for cops.


She should be charged with inciting these children to violence!!


@CrueltimingIt can if they are raised right. This tribe seems to have been raised in the streets.


If she doesn't work, how is she feeding, housing and clothing six kids? She has been dropping them out every few years since she was Sixteen. Hopefully CPS had a chance to see the video (that she conveniently supplied <snicker>) so they can see just what kind of environment these kids came from.


Wow she sure takes care of them and teaches them respect for others and great manners. She should be very proud of the great job she has done raising such fine boys!


This is nothing new for that culture in El Paso. Losers and Beggars


Where do I start with this sorry excuse for a mother? Never mind, I just don't have the time to waste to list everything she just doesn't get. 6 kids, so how many will live to 20? Or perhaps they will be in prison? She is the reason for all this !


Consequential Wrath is a beautiful thing to behold... No such thing as KARMA.


Nasty white trash