Mom Throws Newborn At Dad's Feet In Argument, Cracks Infant's Skull

Heidy Rios was arrested after she threw the baby at her boyfriend's feet during an argument.

Terrytown, LA - A Louisiana mother has been arrested after she threw her 26-day-old baby at her boyfriend's feet, fracturing the baby's skull.

Heidy Rios, 24, of Terrytown, was arrested on Friday Nov. 24 and charged with cruelty to a juvenile, according to WFTV.

The date that the baby was actually injured has not been confirmed but the baby's father said it occurred on Thanksgiving day.

The incident began as an argument between Rios and her boyfriend, who is the baby's father. Neither his nor the baby's name was released.

During the argument, Rios threw the newborn at her boyfriend's feet, and said “Take your f***ing son," according to the Daily Mail.

Police said they were called after the baby's father took him to Children's Hospital in New Orleans on Thursday, Nov. 23. Doctors found that the baby had a skull fracture, specifically a fracture to his right temporal bone.

They said that the injury was non-life threatening and that the baby should recover, according to KRON.

Rios first told investigators that she did not know how the infant was injured, and she denied holding him during the argument.

During additional questioning, she then changed her story when a neutral witness told police she was holding the infant during the argument. She said that she didn't know the baby was hurt, and told police that she might have dropped him during the argument.

Rios remains in custody at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

What do you think the sentence should be for a baby-thrower? Do you think that this constitutes attempted murder? We'd like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.

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Indeed this woman should be locked up in a mental institution until she can get her anger controlled and she should never be granted visitation or custody rights to this child again. She could have killed the child and may if she got that angry again with the child in her arms. She is a threat to any child at this point.

Wade Ryan
Wade Ryan

Involuntary Manslaughter seems to cover this crime.

I agree with Rooney, insofar as psychiatric hospitalization. I'm not a Medical Doctor - my Doctorate is in Nursing Practices, with the majority of my working years being in the psychiatric field.

There are a couple of personality disorders from which this woman (and obviously, the poor baby) may be suffering: not all mental conditions are treated with success.

IF the woman were to be granted visitation rights, under close in person observation would be the way to go. If I were on the jury, I would say that the level of observation could never be lowered.

Additionally, and I may just be getting myself into hot water with a lot of people - it might be a good idea that this woman could physically never have children again.

I say this because her baby in that moment obviously was not her beloved child, but an object to be throwing down and discarded.


Thanks Planned Farenthood. This is a post abortion, they're not human yet because it depends on others


This is nothing short of attempted murder by a cruel female. She should never have access to this child again. Her uterus should be ripped from her body and stomped into the dirt in front of her face.


The key word here is “newborn”.... the girl is obviously young and post partial. Emotions running at the extreme. We don’t know what hubby (also a kid) did to set her off but, she really needs help not condemnation. Glad baby is going to be ok but if BOTH, mom and dad, don’t get some help...this will be another broken family story. Sending prayers for their healing.