Mom Orders Shirt For 3-Year-Old, It Arrives With 'F--k The Police' Added

Holly Matkin

Williamson said she was stunned when the shirt she ordered for her daughter arrived with an anti-police slogan on it.

Benton, IL – An Illinois mother said she was shocked when a t-shirt she ordered for her three-year-old daughter showed up with the words “F--K THE POLICE” emblazoned on the front.

"I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process," Kelsey Williamson told BuzzFeed News. "Of all the things they could have added, why that? On a children’s-size shirt?"

Williamson says she frequently shops online to find cute clothing items for her three-year-old daughter, Salem.

“Salem probably has 50-plus different little boutique outfits from my favorite store on AliExpress," she explained.

AliExpress is an online Chinese retailer that connects western buys with retailers in China.

Williamson said she came upon a t-shirt that featured an image from author and illustrator Arnold Lobel’s classic children’s book characters, “Frog and Toad,” selling for approximately $5, so she ordered it up.

But when Salem’s new shirt arrived, Williamson realized that the retailer had added a slogan that was not advertised on the website.

“F--K THE POLICE,” read the caption beneath an iconic image of Frog and Toad riding a tandem bike.

Williamson said she was stunned.

“I literally did not even know what to do when I opened the bag,” she told WFLD.

She FaceTimed her husband to show him what happened, BuzzFeed News reported.

"We both just lost it, dying of laughter,” she said. “All he could say was 'Oh s--t.'"

Williamson posted a photo of Salem modeling the shirt onto Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

“What I ordered VS what I received,” she captured the image. “I DID NOT BUY THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS SENT.”

Williamson noted that Salem cannot read and does not understand what the shirt means.

“So she has no idea that any of this is going on,” she told WFLD. “I seriously can’t even believe it’s gotten this huge.”

While most people found the situation amusing, others accosted Williamson and her daughter about her daughter’s weight, she said.

"People were actually messaging me just to say mean things about her," Williamson told BuzzFeed News. "A ton of people calling her fat, asking me what I feed her to make her so big, telling me the shirt I bought was too small."

The mother said she contemplated taking the post down, but ultimately edited it instead.


Williamson said that Salem won’t be wearing the shirt in public, and explained that she plans to tuck it away “in her baby box so we can bring it up when she’s older,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Blue Lives Matter spoke with an apparel industry expert who explained the problem.

Joseph Murphy is the president of Warrior 12, a patriotic apparel company based in St. Louis. (DISCLOSURE: Warrior 12 creates official Blue Lives Matter shirts and gear and give the proceeds to Blue Lives Matter.)

"Asian companies try to make clothes to sell to English-speaking countries, but they don't understand their customers or why they choose to purchase a shirt," Murphy said.

"They steal artwork and designs from other shirts or internet memes, but they don't actually understand what the message on the shirt means," Murphy explained. "In this case, they clearly just ripped off a Frog and Toad FTP meme."

Murphy retired from law enforcement to run Warrior 12, and says that cheap ripoffs are an issue he deals with daily.

"We had one company in Vietnam rip off our 'Blessed Are The Peacemakers' law enforcement shirt and replace the police hat with a firefighter helmet. I imagine they didn't sell too many of those," Murphy said with a laugh.

He added that he wouldn't trust the quality of any item on AliExpress.

"If you order apparel from China or Vietnam, chances are more likely than not that you're going to have problems with your order," Murphy warned.

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First of all, her kid is that fat because she's probably allowed to eat chips and cookies all day. A three year old shouldn't be that heavy and it's the parents fault. My guess is that mom and dad are grossly overweight as well. Secondly, my first reaction to the t-shirt was not to laugh. At no point during this story did I crack up laughing as did this woman and her husband.


Salem probably has 50-plus different little boutique outfits? 3 years old and already spoiled beyond repair.


I don't think the shirt is funny at all-shame on anyone who does!


I don’t think the situation is funny but I had to laugh when I saw the shirt. If you can’t see the humor in this then, you really need to look at life differently. I’m not saying it’s right, or whatever, I’m just saying the frogs with the jackets on and both on a double bike? That’s just funny already, then to top it off, it says “Fuck the Police”? I mean why buy the shirt to begin with unless she likes frogs, of course nothing wrong with that, but if there is a saying, what was it supposed to say? Again I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just looking at the shirt, not the kid, or the parents, those are irrelevant to me.


Send the shirt to Trump for use as a prop in his next speech about Tariffs for Chinese products. Made from genuine Chinesium steel!!


SHE DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO. SO SHE POSTS THE SHIRT ON HER CHILD ON FACEBOOK???? She ordered it. She and her husband are creeps


On a kids shirt...bozo's Police hatred still in effect thanks to the libtarded media.


I find the daughter and the mother, adorable. The sweet version of the t-shirt, the frogs are funny anyway :)