Mom Of Robber Killed By Citizen Hero: Why Did He Shoot Him Five Times?

The mother of the suspect is questioning why the man shot her son multiple times during the botched robbery.

San Antonio, TX - The mother of a man who was fatally shot by a good Samaritan during an armed robbery is questioning what happened to her son.

The botched robbery occurred Dec. 6 at about 9 p.m. at a Popeyes Chicken on South Flores Street that was full of customers, according to KSAT.

Police said Andrew Herrera, 19, was wearing a hoodie and a mask when he entered the South Side restaurant with a gun and confronted the good Samaritan, Carlos Molina, 32, and his family, according to Time.

Molina was eating at the fried chicken chain with his family when Herrera demanded that he hand over his property and threatened his children with a gun, police say.

According to KABB, Molina told Herrera that he had no money and asked whether his family could leave. Most of the family left the restaurant, but Herrera then pointed the gun at two of Molina’s children as they walked out of a restroom.

In response, Molina drew his licensed handgun and shot Herrera several times, police said.

Herrera died of acute lead poisoning.

Cynthia Ruiz, Herrera's mother, said she understands the man who shot her son was defending his family, but questioned whether shooting him five times was necessary.

She said she wants to see the surveillance video.

“Why shoot him four more times? Why did he shoot him five times?” she asked.

A police spokesman later said, “Here in Texas, if you’re in fear of loss of life, loss of property, you have a right to defend yourself.”

A spokeswoman for the SAPD said that no other information could be released due to the active investigation, according to KSAT.

She said that Trevon Atkinson, a second person involved in the Popeyes robbery, told her that Herrera's gun was unloaded.

Atkinson, who was the getaway driver, was arrested on Friday, Dec. 8, on aggravated robbery charges in the incident.

Both Herrera and Atkinson are believed to have been involved in numerous other robberies, according to the SAPD, who did not release further information.

A room card found with Herrera’s body at Popeye's linked back to a hotel room rented by Atkinson. Inside, police found jewelry price tags from an EZPAWN that they believe Herrera robbed the day before attempting to rob the Popeye’s, according to KSAT.

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Well maybe you shoukd of raised you son better.
Threatened robbery vics kids and to kill them.
Ohhh well. Pick the wrong place and person to rob.
Another savage gone from the earth. Why did he shoot her 5x? Why did your son terrorize children who were only there to use the bathroom and eat. Would u rather have your son kill the family who there to just eat and use the bathroom?
Pathetic. Your son determined his demise.


Typo meant him not her re perp savage


My answer would have been "because he was still quivering and I was in fear for my life"


The mom of the “bad guy” said why was he shot 5 times?!?! Maybe that’s all the bullets the hero guy had....OR here’s a novel idea, how about don’t do crime and you won’t be shot if in fact the occasion presents itself?!?!?


Because he didn't have 6 rounds.