Mom Arrested For Using Stun Gun On A-Hole Teen To Get Him To Church

A Phoenix mother's attempt to usher her family to an Easter church service was thwarted by a child abuse arrest.

Phoenix, AZ – A no-nonsense Phoenix mother allegedly used a stun gun to encourage her defiant teen to attend church with her on Easter Sunday, police said.

"I said, 'Get up! It's Jesus' Day!'" Sharron Dobbins told KNXV.

According to Maricopa County court records, Dobbins, 40, was arrested for felony child abuse, WJW reported.

Dobbins said that she became frustrated after her 17-year-old son blew off her directive to send his friends home, and to get ready to go to church.

"He said some cuss words to me, and he said that his friends don't have to go anywhere," Dobbins told WJW.

In response, Dobbins went to her room, picked up her stun gun, and went back to her defiant son’s bedroom.

She said she was standing approximately five feet away from the teen, when she sparked the device as a warning.

"I made the noise with the Taser, but I did not tase my son,” she told KNXV.

After she issued her warning, the teen told her he was calling the police, she said.

“I said, 'You can call the police, UPS, DPS, whoever you want to call,'" Dobbins told KNXV. "Police were on the phone and I told the dispatcher, I told her, 'You need to be with Jesus right now.'"

Dobbins was unconcerned when police arrived, but soon realized she wasn’t going to make it to church.

"[The officer] came back and said, ‘Put everything down,’ and I said, ‘For what?’” Dobbins told KSAZ. "He said, ‘For tasing your son.’ I said, ‘I didn't tase my son, I made the noise.’ He said that its domestic violence against a minor. So they handcuffed me. I start crying and got in the back of the police car."

According to police, Dobbins’ other son, 17, and her nephew, 18, said that Dobbins actually used the weapon on the teen.

The 16-year-old did not want to pursue charges, and said he was not in pain, but did have two small bumps on his leg where he said his mother shocked him with the device.

She was released on her own recognizance following her initial court appearance, but was prohibited from having contact with her sons – both of whom were on probation, she said.

“He has an ankle bracelet on,” Dobbins said of her 16-year-old, according to WJW. “He’s under my custody and everything.”

She said she would make other living arrangements for her children pending her next court appearance on Apr. 16.

"I don't think I did anything wrong, because you're supposed to put God first and that's all I was trying to do is tell my kids to put God first," Dobbins told KNXV.

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Threatened for thinking independently. Stick to your guns, kid. The more people realize their faith is made up of fairy tales, the quicker we can get to advancing as a society.


Sounds like a wonderful family. Both sons are on probation, the mother used or threatened use (investigation will show which) of a stun gun, and there's no mention of any father...


Dumb woman and dumber kids. Bet this brings back some good memories @Hi_estComnDenomn.


Sad on Easter! Kids need to obey their Parents!!! She should have Taken a belt and whooped his rear end ..Sounds like they have needed that for quite some time! U don't Taze ur kids! but u had darn sure better Discipline them or they will end up with Ankle Bracelets Spare the rod spoil the child..big Difference in Discipline and abuse!!! We got our butts Whooped and we had the best Parents any children could have hoped for..made us respect them and everyone else too!!!


Yep, i also got spanked and grew up in the church. I turned 13 and told my parents don't make me go to church anymore or i promise I'll disrupt Sunday School. And disrupt I did.

"if God is good, why does he let children die? I'm a good person and if i could stop my dog from dying, i would."
Room full of sad child faces, thinking about their dead pets.

"my uncle lost his leg because of diabetes. If God can heal the sick, why can't he grow limbs for good people?"

"I've been to the zoo many times, and there's no way Noah could have fit all the animals in one zoo on his boat, let alone 2 of every animal in the world."

Eventually the teacher had enough of me and told my parents i was too old for Sunday school. To me, that was code for "he's going to make the younger kids stop believing these fairy tales as well with all his questions."