Missing Florida Teen Seen Bound And Crying In Terrifying Video Call To Family

Holly Matkin

Destiny Rose, 16, was last seen at Alpha Group Home in Southwest Ranches on Aug. 20.

Davie, FL – The search for a 16-year-old girl who has been missing for a month took a dark turn on Thursday, when the teen’s aunt received a video call from the girl’s Instagram account.

Destiny Rose, a 16-year-old habitual runaway, was last seen at the Alpha Group Home in Southwest Ranches on Aug. 20, the Miami Herald reported.

But on Thursday, Rose’s aunt, Shanna Champion, said she received an incoming video call from the teen’s Instagram account.

When she picked up, a Hispanic male she did not know panned the camera over and showed Rose bound to a chair and crying, Champion told police, according to Newsweek.

Her niece also had a rope around her neck, according to Champion.

“If you actually cared about her, you would be here to get her,” the man said before disconnecting the call, according to Champion.

The aunt said she did not record the video call, the Miami Herald reported.

The suspect was described as being in his late 20s to early 30s, had a short crew-cut, and a small patch of facial hair on his chin, Newsweek reported.

Rose, who is still listed as a runaway on the Florida Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse database, was last seen wearing a white shirt, black jacket, and red pants. She also had a black and pink beanie cap.

The blonde-haired, green-eyed teen is approximately five feet, one inch tall, and weighs 146 pounds.

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Around this puzzling incident there looks to be a background of very dangerous and unknown circumstances. I think young people sometimes enter into associations and arrangements which they haven’t yet had the experience to accurately interpret in a manner that best serves their well-being. An innocent error becomes the perfect storm when combined with the introduction of a predator.

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I hope this isn't staged (or maybe better if it is) - a continual runaway, living in a group home = problems at home with family relationships. It could be another attempt at getting attention, or getting back at her family by tormenting them. What was reported in the article to be the words of the conversation when the guy called the girl's aunt, was that all that was said? Was there a ransom request? Any other threat? And she's been missing for about a month now? Are there no other leads?


Why didnt the aunt record this


If in fact she was kid napped then the pertatrader should be taken out asap if it turns out to be staged then the girl should be charged with a crime