Missing Child Alert: Non-Verbal Autistic 4-Year-Old Chelsea Noel

A missing child alert has been issued for 4-Year-Old Chelsea Noel, last seen in her pajamas.

Port St. Lucie, FL - A missing child alert has been issued for four-year-old Chelsea Noel, who has been missing for almost a full day and night.

She was last seen in the area of the 4600th block of SW Keats Street in Port St. Lucie, wearing a long pink nightgown that reads "Princess". She is 3 feet tall, 40 pounds, with short braids and a birthmark from her neck to her chest which is lighter in color than her skin. She is autistic, non-verbal, and may not respond to her name, according to TCPalm.

Even if you aren't from the area, sharing this information on social media can help spread the word and help everybody in the area get informed.

At around 9:50 PM Saturday night Chelsea walked out of the front door of her house. Family members noticed she was gone several minutes later and called police who arrived within six minutes.

Law enforcement responded with a FLIR-equipped helicopter, numerous officers, and two bloodhounds to search for the missing girl. A neighbor with a drone also assisted in the search, according to WPTV.

The search went all night then into the morning and afternoon with no sign of the girl.

Surveillance footage from the house shows Chelsea walking through the front door and leaving on her own just minutes before she was discovered missing.

"We're going to be regrouping and bringing back our efforts to try to find her," Port St. Lucie Police Department Sgt. Frank Sabol said, according to WPTV. "It's very important that we locate her. It's been a long night I imagine for the family and very worrisome for everybody involved and we just want to bring her home safely."

Dive crews with sonar have been out checking retention ponds, lakes, and canals.

Volunteers have been arriving to help in the search. TCPalm reports that Miguel Cruz came out with 15 of his Hotweelz employees and their families to help search. Other neighbors also assisted by searching on ATVs.

Anybody with information on Chelsea Noel is asked to call 911.

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I just wanted to leave a comment. I work with the Jackson Police Department, Jackson, TN. I have since retired. What I want to say is, we have had two children missing, and they were both found within a mile of where they left. The sad thing was the officers walked over those places. They were hid under brunch or logs. It was a sad ending because, each child was found died. I want you to find this child that's the reason, I telling you this to double back over what you have already been through just in case she might be there. May God be with you Department and her family as you search for this sweet child.


Even if you don't live close RT maybe someone on your list or their friend list may also in a day and a night you can get very far


I am sure the Police are looking at family members, registered sex offenders first while they scour the area. Unfortunately the first 24 hours are the most important anything more than that is very little chance of finding a live child. How Sad.


Wish we were close enough to help. Poor little angel.