Michael Brown's Father Calls For Case To Be Reopened 5 Years After Shooting

Michael Brown Sr. is holding a press conference on Friday to demand the county prosecutor re-open the investigation.

Ferguson, MO – Michael Brown’s father is planning to ask the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office to re-open his son’s case Friday, on the fifth anniversary of his son’s death.

The incident that led to Brown’s shooting began when he and his friend, Dorian Johnson, committed a strongarm robbery of a neighborhood convenience store on Aug. 9, 2014, according to the Los Angeles Times when the U.S. Department of Justice released its report.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson saw the pair walking down the middle of Canfield Drive.

He was unaware they had just committed a robbery and told them to get out of the street.

Then Brown approached the police car and attacked Officer Wilson as the officer sat in his car.

The officer and Brown struggled through the window of the police car, and Brown tried to take his gun.

Officer Wilson shot Brown in the hand, and Brown and Johnson fled.

But then Brown turned and charged back towards Officer Wilson and was shot.

Johnson put out a false narrative after the officer-involved shooting that claimed Brown had his hands up and was running away when Officer Wilson shot him.

An investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) proved otherwise, and Johnson eventually recanted, but not before Black Lives Matter launched its cause on the back of misreporting that initially followed the Brown shooting.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” became the rallying cry of hundreds of protesters who rioted and burned Ferguson, and then several other cities, since Brown’s death.

Officer Wilson was cleared of wrongdoing by a St. Louis County grand jury and a DoJ investigation under President Barack Obama’s administration.

The federal investigation concluded that the evidence supported Officer Wilson’s claim that he was acting in self-defense and that Brown was attacking him when the officer opened fire, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., announced on Sunday that he would be holding a press conference at the St. Louis County Justice Center on Aug. 9 to ask that the investigation into his son’s death be re-opened, KSDK reported.

“On this 5-year anniversary, I will be asking for [St. Louis County Prosecutor] Wesley Bell to reopen this case or obtain a prosecutor [to see if they can] investigate the information and see if it can go forward on reopening,” Brown Sr. told KTVI.

He said that racial justice advocates and national leaders will be standing beside him at his press conference to support his request.

The request to re-open the case appears to be based solely on emotion rather than fact as no new information has come to light since the DoJ investigation concluded.

Brown’s father relived the experience of finding out about his son’s death as he stood beside a memorial plaque embedded in the sidewalk near where Michael Brown died on Canfield Drive to talk to reporters.

“Hearing bad news like that or any type of new like that just had me in like a tunnel. I just needed to get here,” Brown Sr. recalled. “I come to see a crowd of people out here and I still didn’t really know that it was him, but it became a reality.”

He said that his son’s death isn’t over for his family.

“It’s definitely is still a struggle. The family is still going through a few things with pain and trying to go forward. Every day is different,” Brown’s father told KTVI.

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James Robinson
James Robinson

Even a Black Attorney General of the United States didn't believe your son was wrongly shot. Face the facts, you're a piss poor father and if you had taught your son anything, it should have been that grabbing for a cops gun gets you dead.


Convenient timing. Some asshat hack politicians and prosectors will no doubt entertain this nonsense. People just can't accept the truth if it's not what they wanna hear.


Ur kid was a thug, and attacked the cop. Go away.


This was justified and there is no reason to reopen the case. Your son did not do what he was told to do and grabbing an officer's gun is a very dumb move and he payed the price for his bad actions. No reason to reopen, Your son was in the wrong so let it go.


Ur kid was a thug and attacked the cop. Go away.