Mexico's President-Elect To Form Border Patrol, Block Southern Border Crossers

Mexico's president-elect announced a new border police to stop the flow of drugs, guns, and illegal immigrants.

Mexico City, MEXICO – The new President-elect of Mexico has announced plans to create his own border patrol to stop the flow of drugs, guns, and illegal immigrants into his country from Central America.

Mexico President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s hand-picked public safety chief said the new police force would be sizeable, and would also be deployed to the country’s northern border with the United States, Bloomberg reported.

"We’re going to create a border police force that will be highly specialized," Alfonso Durazo told Bloomberg. "They need to apply the law."

Durazo, who served as the chief spokesman and private secretary to former Mexico President Vincente Fox, said the border police would be deployed to stop undocumented migrants and human traffickers from crossing into Mexico, which he told Bloomberg was frequently done with the assistance of corrupt public officials.

Interestingly, Lopez Obrador, who will take office on Dec. 1, won the presidency in a landslide victory after running on a platform that criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, and promised to help protect Mexican citizens at the U.S. border.

On election night, during his acceptance speech, Lopez Obrador called for better relations with the United States, and said he intended to build a better relationship with Mexico’s northern neighbor based on mutual respect, Voice of America reported.

Durazo said the new police force would be part of a larger regional effort to help decrease poverty and violence in Central American countries so that fewer illegal immigrants would try to cross into Mexico to escape their own homelands, Bloomberg reported.

The new Mexican administration said they planned to fight the causes of violence to reduce the problem.

To reduce police corruption, the President-elect planned to increase salaries and benefits for law enforcement officials, Durazo said.

He also said they planned to open more police academies in Mexico in order to double the number of officers who could receive training in a year, Bloomberg reported.

Durazo also said, not for the first time, that Lopez Obrador’s administration will decriminalize and regulate marijuana after the matter has been put to a public vote.

The new border patrol will not be the only major law enforcement change under the new presidential administration in Mexico, El Universal reported.

Under Lopez Obrador, the current National Security Commission will cease to exist, and its powers will pass to the Public Security Secretariat, of which Durazo will be chief.

Bloomberg reported that the new President-elect of Mexico will meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday in a meeting that will include a discussion of immigration issues.

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And of course, they will soon be corrupted by the cartels. Just help pay for the wall.


What he is planning is to stop there criminals, human traffickers, weapons trafficking, drugs etc. that are caught entering America illegally when they are caught and sent back over the border the Mexican side will denied there entrance back into Mexico. We will have to throw them back and make them deal with there problem. 🇺🇲👍BUILD THAT WALL TO STOP THE MAJORITY OF THE ILLEGAL CROSSINGS AND TO PREVENT THEM FROM HAVING AN OPEN SEASON TARGET PRACTICE ON OUR BOARDER AGENTS WHICH WILL HAPPEN ONCE THEY START BLOCKING THE RE-ENTRY BY DENYING THEM👍🇺🇲


Those cartels are probably planning his death right now. Any border patrols from Mexico are going to be corrupt and woefully inept and inadequate. Let's see how this one plays out


Lopez Obrador is a racist pig!! He hates people of color. Lol. What a liar. When he was running for office he made no bones about his open borders philosophy. He openly mocked Trump's policies.

He said he intended to make North America one open county and he was going to flood "the North" with people from all over Central America. We shall see.


The drug cartels, and the coyoteros will take him out if he tries this.....too many corrupt politicians and police/armed forces in Mexico that would be hurt by his policies. Anyone want to bet how long he will last alive ?