Men Attack Shopper Outside Store, Didn't See Husband Was Armed Til They Got Shot

A Texas man wasn't about to let the armed attacker harm his wife.

Katy, TX – An armed citizen exchanged gunfire with a duo of would-be robbers on Saturday afternoon, after the attackers attempted to rob his wife in a bustling store parking lot.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. in the crowded parking lot outside of a Randall’s store on Fry Road, KTRK reported.

After stopping at a Chase bank nearby, the couple went to the Randall’s store to get their groceries.

They had just returned to the parking lot and were about to load their purchases into their SUV, when a black Cadillac SUV drove into a parking spot in front of them.

That’s when a man armed with a handgun jumped out and ordered the woman to hand over her purse, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said, according to KTRK.

When her husband saw what was occurring, he pulled out his own weapon and opened fire on the would-be robber and his accomplice.

As many as six gunshots were exchanged in the shootout that ensued, KTRK reported.

The armed citizen fired four of those rounds, hitting both suspects.

The assailants managed to shoot out one of the tires on the couple’s vehicle, but the man and woman were not injured during the gun battle.

The suspects then fled the area in the Cadillac, only to crash it on a grassy boulevard a short while later.

The men took off on foot, but one ended up at a fire station a short while later asking for help.

The wounded suspect was transported to a local hospital via air ambulance, where he was treated and released to police.

Investigators brought him back to the scene, and KTRK cameras showed him with a bloodied bandage jut below his right shoulder blade.

His accomplice – and possibly a third suspect – have not been apprehended.

Investigators said they believe the man and his wife were targeted by “juggers,” – criminals who watch for people leaving banks, then follow them to their next location to rob them of the cash they may have withdrawn.

In this case, the couple hadn’t even been making a withdrawal when they stopped at the bank, KTRK reported.

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Further evidence supporting the 'individual right theory' of the 2nd amendment. A lot of 'collect right theorists' think that 2A is only for the militia/National Guard. They argue that self-defense is not implied by 2A and that very few people actually defend themselves with firearms. I hope someone is compiling articles like this that debunk that BS.


The NRA publishes articles monthly of everyday people defending themselves and their family with firearms. The "LAMESTREAM" media is the only ones NOT telling these kind of stories that happen DAILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And they're black!


The only mistake the husband made is he failed to drop them. Good try though.


The usual suspects