Media Accused Of Misreporting 'This Is MAGA Country' Graffiti On Jewish Graves

Sandy Malone

Turtleboy Sports has accused the mainstream Boston media of reporting something very different from the police report.

Fall River, MA – Several mainstream news agencies covering anti-Semitic vandalism discovered at a Jewish cemetery on March 19 erroneously reported that some of the hateful graffiti referenced Make America Great Again (MAGA).

But it simply wasn’t true, according to Turtleboy Sports.

The Boston Globe, WBZ, NECN, The Daily Beast, and several other outlets reported that among other nasty anti-Jewish messages written with a black marker on gravestones in the Fall River Jewish cemetery, one of the notes said “Oy vey! This is MAGA country,” according to Turtleboy Sports.

But it turned out that the MAGA references in those news reports were entirely made up, or reported without being verified.

There were several incidences of vandalism at the Fall River Jewish cemetery, but somebody channeling Jussie Smollett had to have perpetrated the MAGA graffiti hoax, Turtleboy Sports suggested.

Turtleboy Sports requested the actual police report about the vandalism at the cemetery from the Fall River Police Department and learned that the report included zero references to President Donald Trump’s MAGA campaign slogan, as had been alleged by most mainstream media.

“Upon arrival, I spoke with site manager, Jeffrey Weissman who said there was graffiti on several stones and two headstones were knocked over,” read the police report submitted by Fall River Police Officer Olavo Cunha. “He said that it must have taken place the night prior because it was not there the day before.”

“Most of the headstones had hate speech and swastika symbols on them. The words ‘Oy Vey, Ethnic Cleansing, Jew Bastard and [K--e]’ were written on the headstones,” Officer Cunha continued. “Pictures were taken and they will be submitted into evidence.”

The report also said that maintenance was already on their way to clean up the graffiti, Turtleboy Sports reported.

There is no reference to “MAGA” or any message containing the acronym anywhere in the police report.

When Turtleboy Sports called out the mainstream media outlets who were misreporting the story, things got even more interesting.

WBZ claimed they had video footage that proved the “This is MAGA country” message had been used in the Jewish cemetery defacement, Turtleboy Sports reported.

At least 30 gravestones in the cemetery were damaged and all had the same writing on them, except for the clip WBZ showed of the alleged MAGA graffiti.

“This is MAGA country uses lower case letters that the other gravestones don’t (n, h), and was clearly written by a different person than the other two gravestones,” Turtleboy Sports wrote. “I’m not going to hypothesize or draw any conclusions that can’t be backed up with proof. I’m just going to stick with the facts, and the fact is that the police did NOT report anything about ‘This is MAGA country,’ which is clearly written by a different person.”

Turtleboy Sports also alleged that WBZ didn’t arrive to film at the cemetery until hours after Weissman told police that maintenance was getting it all cleaned up.

“So it appears as if WBZ is now accusing the Fall River Police of lying on the police report. What other conclusion can you reach? The cops say it wasn’t there but WBZ has video of it being there,” Turtleboy Sports wrote.

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As our President Trump has been saying ... "Fake News".


WBZ more than likely wrote the messages themselves.


I guess the idiots who are perpetuating this fantasy of Trump supporters being vile, anti-Semetic bigots forgot about the fact that President Trump is PRO Israel and the Jewish people.

In fact, just a few days ago he signed an executive order acknowledging that the Golan Heights region rightfully belongs to Israel. He also recognized Jerusalem as the capital and moved the US Embassy there, much to the horror of the Arabs and their "progressive" friends around the world.

So, all that to say that whoever wrote the supposed graffiti obviously doesn't understand why this is one of the last things they should've written. Come now, didn't they learn anything from that Smollett idiot?


Liberal hate mongers at it again!