Mayor Fires Police Chief After Councilman Arrested So All Officers Quit

Lumpkin Mayor Jimm Babb fired Police Chief John Tyler one week after deputies arrested Councilman Darryl Wilson.

Lumpkin, GA – The mayor of Lumpkin fired the police chief on Monday, just a week after sheriff’s deputies arrested a city councilman, during a city council meeting, for impersonating a police officer (video below).

Authorities said that Lumpkin City Councilman Darryl Wilson allegedly claimed to be a Dawson police officer during a recent traffic stop in Chattahoochee County, WRBL reported.

A Chattahoochee sheriff’s deputy said that when he stopped Wilson for a traffic violation, the councilman claimed to be a member of the Dawson Police Department and produced a badge to prove it.

Investigators determined that Wilson had not been a Dawson police officer since 2009, WTVM reported.

A felony arrest warrant was issued for Wilson, but initially, deputies had no luck locating him.

Then someone tipped them off that Wilson would be at the city council meeting on Feb. 25, WTVM reported.

Video of the arrest at the meeting showed that Wilson complied with deputies’ orders while he was taken into custody.

The other members of the Lumpkin city council looked on in disbelief as two deputies led a handcuffed Wilson out of the meeting room, the video showed.

Wilson was transported to the Muscogee County Jail for processing on the felony arrest warrant, WTVM reported.

He was charged with impersonating a peace officer.

Exactly one week later, at 7 p.m. on March 4, Lumpkin Mayor Jimmy Babb suddenly fired Lumpkin Police Chief John Tyler, WRBL reported.

The tiny town of Lumpkin only has four full-time police officers.

All of them resigned from the force in response to Chief Tyler’s firing, WRBL reported.

The police chief said he was given no reason for his termination.

He told WRBL that the mayor just walked into his office and told him to turn in his “belongings and leave your keys.”

After a brief panic by residents in the Lumpkin community, the Stewart County Sheriff’s Office stepped up to temporarily fill the gap left by the loss of entire police department in one day.

Stewart County Sheriff Larry Jones told WRBL that he would send on-duty deputies to patrol for the dayshift, and use off-duty deputies to cover the night shift.

The sheriff said he would be rotating the deputies around.

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Why is the journalist assuming these two events are connected? Correct me if I am off base here - It seems the implication is that the Mayor fired the police chief in retaliation for the councilman’s arrest. Whether the Mayor and councilman are pals, or the councilman compelled the mayor to do so somehow, that’s incredibly illegal.

These are adults, elected officials that (spoiler alert) YOU elected. Is this how YOU conduct yourself professionally? Or do you follow a code of professional ethics that preclude your own personal associations or biases? These people, one hopes, who’ve spent their lives building their careers as politicians wouldn’t BOTH risk their reputations just to be vindictive. The councilman is obviously a mendacious liar who won’t even take responsibility for a petty traffic ticket - I mean just pay the ticket! But also the Mayor and everyone in his employ? AND in addition to being corrupt he is also so obtuse as to exact his revenge in such an obvious way? Unlikely.

Also, why would they attack the chief with such ire? It was a Chattahoochie arrest warrant, the Lumpkin city officers completed the arrest only because the council meeting took place in their jurisdiction. What, the Mayor expected the chief NOT to cooperate with another local law enforcement agency? P sure that would be obstructing justice - is that something that you’re saying the Mayor has come to expect from local law enforcement? Or that the Mayor, a man in a higher level position of legislative power, doesn’t know how the law works?

Either way, if what’s implied by the association of these 2 stories (the councilman’s arrest, the police Chief being fired) is true, it signals a disturbing level of corruption across all levels of local government & the law enforcement/legal system. As in, national news level - hint. State if not Federal investigation.

If anyone has credible evidence these two events are related please reach out to journalists - NOT local, go bigger - the GBI, the State Gov Office, the SPLC, watchdog groups with strong digital presence. Or, me - if you are worried about anonymity or just don’t have the time and energy or are afraid of blowback. I’m local enough to follow up on any information and shrewd enough to make a (well publicized) scene if I have to.


Civil Suits Matter...sue each and every one of the players down to the ground. It works.


The entire department is 4 officers.... does it really need to have it's own police department? BTW, the mayor was wrong, and the Sheriff should be providing coverage for this tiny town.


Sheriff deputies need to step up too. Time for a blue line in the sand.


Do why is the Sheriff providing coverage when the officers are doing something positive. The coverage defeats the purpose/message.