Mayor Boasts He Has Healed The Relationship Between NYPD And Community

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that the NYPD's "rank-and-file" have no problem with how he's running the city.

Manchester, NH – Despite recent wide-spread attacks on New York police, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that he has “healed” the previously “strained” relationship between the community and the city’s police force.

New York Police Department (NYPD) officers have repeatedly been doused with water, attacked with glass bottles and a chunk of concrete, and had food hurled at them by citizens in recent months.

In August, three officers were injured when someone dropped objects on them from a nearby rooftop, the New York Post reported.

Five officers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries during another August incident, after they attempted to shut down the loud music coming from a 100-person house party, according to the New York Post.

Party-goers hurled glass bottles at police, resulting in at least one arrest.

Later the same day, a New York police sergeant and several officers came under attack as they were standing near the Bethesda Fountain during an afternoon concert.

An unidentified suspect hurled a fist-sized chunk of concrete at them, which smashed into a tree approximately three feet away.

None of the officers were injured during that attack, WPIX reported.

“We’re the safest big city in America right now,” de Blasio boasted during an WMUR “Conversation with the Candidate” session on Aug. 22. “Crime has gone down on my watch six years in a row!”

During the question-and-answer segment of the broadcast, New Hampshire resident Terrance Geenarain asked the presidential hopeful about his relationship with the NYPD.

“Your relationship with NYPD…has been described as strained, combative, and frosty,” Geenarain said. “How can you assure voters that you’re the right candidate to unite this country when many Americans believe that these types of adversarial relationships are what is dividing us?”

De Blasio thanked Geenarain for his question, then assured him that there are no problems between him and NYPD’s “rank-and-file” officers “and especially not [with] the leadership” of the department.”

“That may be accurate for my relationship with some of the very vocal, and I think mistaken, leaders of certain police unions,” he noted.

“I am so proud to have brought in extraordinary leaders to the NYPD,” he bragged. “I have been supporting our police leaders consistently.”

“We’ve healed the relationship between our police and our community, which was really strained for a long time, and needed that healing,” de Blasio declared. “That’s been that strategy of neighborhood policing that’s made all the difference.”

They mayor said that police and justice reform has been needed for a long time.

“Some people are gonna like that, and some people are not,” he said.

The mayor failed to make the cut for September’s Democratic debate, and said he thinks it would be “tough to conceive of continuing” his presidential bid if he doesn’t qualify for the debate in October, WNBC reported.

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Seriously ??? is that why the officers are taking there own lives ?? or why people are throwing shit at them ?? Your F*cking Delusional !!


Maybe the mayor should heal the strained relationship he has with the NYPD because he hasn't done a damn for them


Apparently no one bothered to tell the NYPD that the mayor healed the relationship between him and the NYPD rank and file


Last week my wife and I and some close friends were on a cruise out of Jersey. Afterwards we spent couple days touring NYC and every cop I shook hands with said " thank you, appreciate it"! And this is even after I told them I had their six and was from Ohio, now only if the Mayor and crew would show that respect imagine how good it would be? There was one officer though I wondered about, in uniform and hair straight down, almost to his shoulders...then again I am old school. Only undercovers had the long hair! Back the Blue no matter where you go, shake their hand or fist bump like some did, they appreciate it!!!


I believe DeBlasio is lying. The rank and file of the NYPD issued a vote of no confidence in both the Mayor and the Police Commissioner recently.