Mayor Arrested For Taking Bribes From Marijuana Companies

Tom Gantert

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia is facing federal charges for taking bribes from marijuana companies seeking licenses.

Fall River, MA – The mayor of Fall River was removed from office on Tuesday in the wake of his arrest for taking massive bribes in exchange for helping marijuana businesses get licensed.

Prosecutors said that 27-year-old Mayor Jasiel Correia II has issued at least 14 non-opposition letters since he took office in 2015, USA Today reported.

Two of the letters were for his girlfriend’s brother.

The letters are necessary for Massachusetts licensure for marijuana dispensaries and prosecutors said that Correia was taking big bribes for his assistance, USA Today reported.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts since 2013, and recreational use became legal in 2018.

Prosecutors said that Correia, a Democrat, began “monetizing his official position” just a few months after he was elected mayor of Fall River.

The indictment said the mayor extorted $250,000 each from two vendors, $150,000 from a third vendor, and another $100,000 from a fourth in exchange for his signature on their letters, USA Today reported.

It also said one of the vendors agreed to pay the mayor in profits from his future marijuana business.

In another case, 12 to 15 pounds of marijuana was exchanged for resale.

"I'm not guilty of these charges," Correia told reporters outside federal court on Friday, according to USA Today. "I've done nothing but good for the great city of Fall River, me and my staff, and my team. I'm going to continue to do great things for our citizens."

He was also accused of taking $3,900 in cash and “Batman” Rolex watch worth up to $12,000 from a property owner so that the water supply to the property owner’s building could be turned on, USA Today reported.

Prosecutors said Correia made his chief of staff, Genoveva Andrade, give him half of her $78,700 salary for appointing her to the position and allowing her to keep the job.

Andrade and three others have also been charged with federal crimes, USA Today reported.

Correia was already facing 13 federal charges.

He was arrested in October of 2018 for allegedly defrauding investors in an app company he co-owns, USA Today reported.

Prosecutors have alleged that the mayor pocketed 64 percent of the investor’s payments to pay for his own “lavish lifestyle.”

Correia is facing 11 new charges including bribery, extortion conspiracy, extortion, wire fraud, filing false tax returns, and aiding and abetting, USA Today reported.

Voters attempted to oust the mayor in March – and were successful in their recall – but Correia was re-elected the same night when he defeated four other candidates running to fill the empty seat.

He was the city’s youngest mayor ever when was elected at 23 and is currently running for his third term, USA Today reported.

On Monday, Fall River City Council President Cliff Ponte asked Correia to step down, the Boston Globe reported.

But the mayor wasn’t interested.

So on Tuesday night, the Fall River City Council voted 8 to 1 to temporarily replace Correia with Ponte, the Boston Globe reported.

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A Democrat professional politician racketeering whilst in office. I’ll be damned. No wonder he looks so conceited and entitled in the photo.


What did you expect, you elect a 23 year old to a position like that. He didn't start his crime spree doing 100 thousand dollar bribes. Where was your back ground check, he surely was doing stuff before hand. You don't get charged with these heavy offenses without the officials having pretty good evidence to support the charges. If a 23 year old is all Fall River has for a mayor candidate it's in pretty sad shape. Wouldn't surprise me if this doesn't lead deeper.


I wonder if he's in the country legally...


If I were a democratic in Massachusetts, I'd be ashamed to show my face in public. And, what the living hell - the citizens reelected him after he was arrested? What is wrong with them? We're they all on the take?


My first thought was, how old is this mayor??? He's not a career politician, I have shoes that have more career experience that he does!

And after he was recalled the public again elected this individual? And there were no better candidates than one who was criminally charged with corruption? What type of morons are living in his city?

Hopefully the DA doesn't drop the charges against him, as happened in Boston.


Who would elect a 23 year old to run a city???


It is entertaining to listen to liberals argue that preference for distribution rights should be given to those communities that have been disproportionately negatively affected by the War on Drugs. Great idea! Reward law breaking.


Why would anyone spend millions running for an office that pays only $100k? Answer They intend to steal it all back with interest.