Mass Shooter IDed As David Katz, Opened Fire After Losing Video Game

David Katz has been identified as the mass shooter at Jacksonville Landing.

Jacksonville, FL - Sheriff Mike Williams announced Sunday evening that the mass shooter who opened fire at a Madden 19 tournament has been identified as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore.

The incident happened at Chicago Pizza at around 1:34 p.m. after Katz allegedly lost a Madden 19 tournament. The sheriff declined to confirm the motive at this time, but Katz was at the scene to participate in the tournament.

Katz used a handgun to open fire on people at the tournament, killing two people, and wounding 10 more. He then used his gun to kill himself.

Officers were on scene within two minutes of the first 911 call.

Two additional victims were treated for wounds unrelated to gunshots.

Authorities have taken possession of the shooter's vehicle and are planning to search it for additional evidence. Federal authorities are searching his residence.

Video of the tournament was released which captured audio of the gunshots and screaming.

Authorities have said that they are aware of the video and are asking for any more video to be forwarded to them.

The shooting has prompted renewed calls for gun control and eliminating "toxic masculinity." The calls to blame "male" culture have been recently renewed as some in Mollie Tibbetts's family blamed men for her murder by an illegal alien.

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This is a culture liberals have created. A trophy for everyone! When losing a damned video game is more important then life, re-evaluation of whats being taught to our youth!


Leave it to the media and sjw crowd to put a spin on an event before the blood has dried...

If you're gonna pin this on anything, blame it on mental health, FFS.


Here we go again...nasty video games and guns. Nothing to do with teaching your kids that there are winners and losers...No, we dont want to hurt their feelings by losing!


I believe it's because most white Americans have no idea how to handle stress, oppression, or losing. I mean, the FBI already recognizes white male adults as the by-far majority of mass shooting criminals. I'm not sure why there hasn't been some kind of sweeping law to corral this kind of behavior. They do that for everyone else.