Manhunt Underway: Reward For Man Who Murdered Girlfriend, Ambushed & Shot Cop

Police believe 27-year-old Otis Walker murdered his girlfriend and then ambushed police who responded to the call.

Lithonia, GA – A manhunt is underway for an “armed and dangerous” man who ambushed and shot a DeKalb police officer multiple times early on Thursday morning.

DeKalb County Police Major Jerry Lewis said officers responded to a domestic violence incident with a person shot on Hodgdon Corners Cove at about 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 1, WXIA reported.

Maj. Lewis said that as police arrived on the scene, they were ambushed by a man who was hiding between two of the homes and “immediately fired upon” officers.

A neighbor who was driving by when the gunman opened fire stopped to help the officer he saw go down, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“That’s when I put my car in park and was helping that officer,” Cleveland Dollison told WSB. “They laid him down in the neighbor’s yard, she came out, we got towels, and we just tried to help, do what we could.”

Dollison said he helped to put a tourniquet on the wounded officer’s leg.

The officer, who has been identified as DeKalb Police Officer Derek Nunn, was shot multiple times, WAGA reported.

Officer Nunn, a three-year veteran of the police force, was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Maj. Lewis said that when SWAT officers searched the home, they found Walker’s girlfriend suffering from gunshot wounds.

She died at the scene, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A manhunt has been underway for more than 12 hours for the shooter, whom police have identified as 27-year-old Otis Walker.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for anyone who has information leading to the capture of Walker, WSB reported.

Numerous SWAT and police officers were combing the neighborhood located off of Browns Mill Road, east of Snapfinger Road, early on Thursday morning searching for Walker, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Police have said they believe Walker is still nearby the area where the shootings occurred.

DeKalb County Superior Court records showed that Walker has been arrested multiple time since 2015 on charges ranging from aggravated assault to burglary.

He had most recently been released from jail on July 13 after being arrested for domestic violence on July 11, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Spokeswoman Nelly Miles said the state agency had been called in to investigate.

Police have asked anyone who has information, or who sees Walker, to call 911. The suspect is considered “armed and dangerous” and should not be approached.

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Thank goodness people still care about police officers - that they didn't stand around filming with their ever-present phones, but they did everything they could to help the wounded officer.

Bob H
Bob H

Just released from jail on another domestic violence charge, and now his girlfriend has died from gun shot wounds. Either the court or prosecutor has a little explaining to do also.


This time keep his ass in jail. In jail 2 days for domestic Violence and now a woman is dead and a LEO lucky to be alive. Unacceptable. If prisons are so overcrowded build more. Put them in tent cities. Violent offenders are let go way too often to just escalate and repeat their crimes. When does it stop?


The civilians who risked their own life to save the officer from this AMBUSH should be commended. Nowadays, most people pull out their phones and start recording the AMBUSH to share on social media.


He stayed out of trouble for over two weeks since getting out of jail! And the cops are just picking on him because he's black. That ought to earn him a few protests and riots. What a POS.