Man Who Shot Cop In Face Gets Shot In His Face, Graphic Photo Leaks Online

Joshua Rosebush has been released from the hospital and is being housed at a prison facility in Jackson.

Shiawassee County, MI – The armed fugitive who shot a veteran Saginaw Township police officer in the face during a traffic stop early Tuesday morning is recovering from a gunshot wound to the face in a prison facility in Jackson.

Joshua Rosebush, 29, is expected to be charged with a myriad of offenses for his role in the attempted murder of Saginaw Township Police Officer Jeff Koenig.

“It’s a foregone conclusion that we will be charging him with assault with intent to murder for the offense against Officer Jeff Koenig,” Saginaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner told MLive. “There will also be weapons offenses and offenses dealing with the vehicles that were allegedly stolen.”

Officer Koenig, 48, remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds to his face and right shoulder.

He has been sedated since he arrived at the hospital, but has been stabilized and is “doing well,” Saginaw Township Police Chief Donald Pussehl told MLive on Wednesday.

“My understanding is that he had a good night last night and rested well,” Chief Pussehl explained. “The doctors are hopeful that maybe he can go into surgery today.”

Investigators have been working to establish a timeline in the case, including details about Rosebush’s activities before and after the shooting.

The longtime felon has been convicted of over a dozen crimes in the past, 10 of which landed him in prison.

The most recent sentence came in March of 2016, when a Tuscola County judge sentenced him to prison for two to 15 years for assaulting or obstructing a public officer and two counts of stealing or retaining a financial transaction device without consent, according to Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) records.

The MDOC turned him lose on parole in April of 2018, and placed him on electronic monitoring.

By Jan. 3, he’d cut off his monitoring device and absconded from supervision, MLive reported.

He also became the prime suspect in a slew of vehicle thefts in Marlette and Vassar around the same time frame.

Michigan State Police (MSP) Special First Lieutenant David Kaiser said that Rosebush subsequently moved to St. Charles to live with a friend.

Late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, he wandered down to a neighbor’s house and stole a white pickup.

Officer Koenig spotted him driving without his headlights activated at approximately 2 a.m., and pulled him over on Tittabawassee Road.

The veteran officer had no idea he was dealing with a wanted fugitive in a stolen vehicle.

“He was going to warn the driver about turning on his headlights,” Chief Pussehl said, according to MLive. “At that point, it had not been reported stolen to any law enforcement agency.”

Officer Koenig, a 16-year veteran of the department, was approaching the stopped vehicle when the convicted felon opened fire and shot him in the face and shoulder.

Chief Pussehl said he could not confirm that Officer Koenig returned fire, but that he was fairly certain he had.

Rosebush then fled the scene in the stolen pickup.

Officer Koenig radioed for help, and was able to provide a description of the suspect vehicle to responding units.

The wounded officer was rushed to a hospital in Saginaw, and was later taken to University Hospital in Ann Arbor by ambulance.

According to investigators, Rosebush ditched the pickup in Kochville Township shortly after the shooting, then stole an AID Construction Equipment pickup truck.

Police later found the business’s abandoned truck in a Home Depot parking lot in Flint, and learned that Rosebush caught a ride with someone from there, WJRT reported.

His ride dropped him off in the town of Burton, where he walked to a nearby Speedway gas station and stole a white commercial van.

About 30 minutes later, a Shiawassee County sheriff’s detective spotted the van pulling off of Interstate 69 at the Woodbury Road exit, and followed the suspect into Woodhull Township, Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole told MLive.

Rosebud stopped the van between Braden Road and Lansing Road, then got out and pointed a handgun at the detective.

The detective immediately fired multiple rounds, striking Rosebud once in the face, Lt. Kaiser told The Detroit News.

A photo of the wounded suspect was posted on Instagram.

WARNING: Graphic Photo.

No officers were hit during the gunfight.

Rosebud was transported to a Lansing hospital, where he was listed in stable condition, Lt. Kaiser said.

“I don’t think it’ll be a long-term hospitalization,” Sheriff BeGole told MLive.

His capture came about 11 hours after the initial shooting.

Rosebush is being held as a MDOC parole absconder as prosecutors determine how to handle the four-county crime spree.

“We’ll confer with prosecutors in Genesee and Shiawassee counties as to what their plans are,” Gaertner explained. “The case started here and we’re handling our aspect of it. There is the possibility that the cases will all be joined as one, as [the crimes] were one continuous act.”

“We can petition the Michigan Attorney General’s Office for permission to consolidate all of the incidents in the counties and have it designated to Saginaw County,” he continued. “If the other counties don’t wish to proceed that way, we’ll respect that and just handle the incidents that happened in Saginaw County.”

Gaertner said that Rosebush would “immediately go into the custody of the MDOC” once he was released from the hospital.

“He will, at no time, be out in the public. Period,” the prosecutor said.

According to WPBN, Rosebush has since been discharged from the hospital in Lansing, and has been booked into a Jackson prison facility.

Rosebush’s history with the MDOC began in July of 2010, when he was convicted of three counts of breaking and entering, according to MDOC records.

He was sentenced for assaulting/resisting/obstructing a peace officer in 2012, and racked up new convictions for larceny and two counts of stealing or retaining a financial transaction device without consent in 2013.

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All those crimes and he was let loose to do it again. Build a wall around HIM!

Officer Cynical
Officer Cynical

Not enough times.


A few inches higher and we would be saving the tax payers a lot of money.


This POS is only 29 years old, has been convicted of a dozen crimes and imprisoned 10 times, and the MDOC let him out on PAROLE??? I can't decide if the parole board who turned him loose is guilty of gross malfeasance or just utter, complete, and abject stupidity.


lmao karma does happen, but too bad he is still alive.


Cases like this is the reason officers have to use deadly force but then these liberal snowflake groups wants to turn around and prosecute officers for protecting themselves. These judges and parole boards needs to start being held accountable for their actions in cases like this. I can not understand why these judges and parole boards want to make a mockery out of the criminal justice system. People just need to continue to arm themselves and protecting themselves, there families and there property. The only difference in the case is the shot from the officer should have been up about 2 inches and to to the right about 2 inches. It would taxpayers a whole bunch of time and money.


Personally, I would have gone for a groin shot or two......that way he would have been removed from the gene pool , one way or another. Glad to hear the Officer should be ok


Too bad it wasn't a shotgun.


Why is it still alive? Instant death to anyone that shoots an office of the law